Relationship Astrology



The reflective quality of a relationship and the amount of fire we walk through during a journey of relating deeply with another is nothing short of pure divinity.

The process of meeting and falling in love with another human being is pure magic. Experiencing a conscious, co-creative, loving relationships takes some logic blended with that magic.

This reading covers relationship material for each party and gives both lover and beloved a useful equation-like format to enhance the flow of love in the relationship.

I use composite charts, both parties natal charts, and a synastry charts to create a unique reading that will help you understand more about yourself and your partner while giving fantastic ideas for stoking the fires of passion.

Send me your birth dates, exact times of birth, cities you were each born in and any specific questions you may have. I will work with your charts and make a video recording for you. Once you watch the video, any questions you have will either be answered via e-mail or through a second video.

A typical synastry reading is 2.5 hours. Here is a sample reading. 



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