Inner Beloved Reclamation Astrology



This reading focuses on reclamation and integration of feminine and masculine energy within your body. Regardless of gender, the feminine force and masculine awareness is prevalent in your life. Reuniting and honoring their potency brings harmony and magnetism to your embodied consciousness.

Working with this material will help you:

  • Connect and co-create with your unique form of feminine and masculine energy within.
  • Learn how to implement the union of opposites (masculine/feminine) within.
  • Understand why you attract the same type of partners and relationships.
  • Understand the reasons you crave certain things from your partner.
  • Learn new and authentic ways to meet your needs without waiting for her/him to do it.
  • See how your relationship style ties into money and consumption (food, drink, shopping.)
  • Understand and integrate your money, sex, food issue.
  • And more!

You get:

  • Focused information related directly to your relationship material.
  • Answers to questions that you have before and after your reading.
  • PDF with your chart, your birth moon phase, and post-reading self-care guide.


If you are in a relationship, I recommend both partners having this reading individually or having a couples astrology reading.  The couples reading is better if you are looking to enhance the flow of love in your current relationship. The Inner Beloved reading will help you understand your inner lover and to experience wholeness with or without a partner.

These readings are done in a private video to get maximum material recorded for you to use over a period of time. I offer 2 weeks for questions and follow up with a video response.


“The union of opposing forces creates personal magnetism. When you are vibrating the fullness of your being, you generate the energy that completes your circuit. From this high frequency of magnetism, you will attract a whole new heightened experience of life and realize that the beloved you desire is within.”



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