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The Moon represents the way in which we heal, nurture and take care of ourselves. It is known as the keeper of ancient wisdom of the soul. Moon wisdom informs our bodymind through emotions, dreams, feelings and often shows up in our most intimate relationships. As a predominantly solar culture, our education has emphasized productivity, logic, and clear cut focal points of day-time reality. This has created illiteracy of emotional intelligence for men and women. Temple of the Moon is your gateway into deeper exploration and integration of your lunar nature.


Temple of the Moon Membership $28

You will receive:

  • Moon journal with the Sun/Moon angles for the entire monthly cycle.
  • Daily email with rituals and writing prompts to integrate Moon mysteries.
  • Seasonal nutrition ideas for healthy inner tides.

Personalized Temple of the Moon Membership $128

  • Your personal Temple of the Moon and Lunar nodal axis astrology reading.
  • Lunar transit reading for every day of the cycle, after your first month of membership.
  • Get Manifestation with the Moon ¬†at 50% off with purchase of this reading.
  • Plus everything from Temple of the Moon

Sign-up Bonus

  • Tantra yoga meditation video for uniting Solar and Lunar energy with the breath. This video is a powerful tool using ancient wisdom of Shaiva tantra to move energy through the body and balance masculine/feminine energy.

***Limited to 13 participants, registration ends 3 days prior to new Moon every month.

Venmo: www.venmo.com/Anjani-Siegrist

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Temple of The Moon Membership

Basic (30 Days), Personalized (30 Days), Basic (90 Days), Personalized (90 Days)


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