Wellness Cleanse and Nutritional Healing:
Cleanse and Detox programs have become more popular as people have begun to realize that health begins with a clean system. The only problem is that the cleansing and detox programs are designed as a standard package. We all know that one size does not fit all.

The Wellness Cleanse and Nutritional Healing program that you will experience here is completely individualized and specific to your constitution and personal goals. You will see results in the first week. By the end of the 4 or 6 weeks, you will look and feel better than you can imagine possible. All you need is to have a strong desire for serious change and be willing to implement the information given to you.

-The first step is to do your constitution analysis. From this we will determine your primary constitution, present imbalances and discuss your goals. I will also ask that you give me a log of at least 3 days of your regular eating.
Go online and take this assessment: www.doshaguru.com
Fill out this intake form: This will help clarify your goals and intentions.
Avoid all substances listed in the Toxins list for a week. Take two weeks for this is you need to wean yourself off harder chemicals like coffee, alcohol, white sugar and the such.
If you are not already on a Whole Foods Diet (not eating packaged/processed food) do that for a full week. We will also integrate a simple morning routine for cleansing.

-The second week starts the deeper cleansing. Depending on your goals, this week may be spent juicing and doing some specific cleansing techniques. Most people end this week by having only juices over the weekend. Your morning routine is usually fine tuned by this week and you may have added working out or exercising.

-During the third week you will do some intentional juicing specific to detoxing. How often and what you juice will depend on your goals. For most people, this week is spend Juice Feasting. The point of this week is DETOX. You may experience what is known as “Healing Crisis”. I have a 7 page informational guide on the subject of detoxing that I will share with you. I will also be available to assist you through this.
-The fourth week is spent fine tuning and adapting to the changes you have made. You are making lasting changes to the way you approach your food choices. Your whole relationship with food and exercise will be shifting from habitual to intentional. I will guide you through some assignments to help you figure out where you may be struggling most in your relationship to nutrition.
We will be sharing an online document where you will log what you eat. I will be making recommendations daily on your log and be available by e-mail and text messaging for any questions or concerns you may have. This will be available during the whole program.

I recommend coming in once per week to have a bodywork session especially during the third week. This increases the benefits of cleansing and also helps me monitor where you are at with the program. I also recommend coming in at least once for a yoga session where you will learn breathing techniques and some movement and/or postures to improve your health and well-being
If you are doing distance cleansing, I recommend at least one video call.

Although there are no magic pills or easy outs in this program, you will have access to information on herbal supplementation and nutritional healing. I have integrated other healing modalities into the program but the information given here has it’s foundation on Ayurveda, the ancient healing system of India. Ayurveda’s goal is to bring the person back into their original state of perfection through education and guidance. The result is a set of guidelines that make sense and create the level of health and happiness that we are meant to have.
-Price Breakdown.
Basic 4 weeks with no bodywork treatment sessions:
$72 initial consultation and analysis
$85 private video or live consultation
$72 weekly guidance, support, recommendations via text message, email and shared log.
Total: $432 for full 4 weeks*add $72 for each additional week after 4

Payment plans are available!
Weekly 90 min. treatment option for 4 weeks: $600 (can be used for yoga class, craniosacral therapy or bodywork)
Weekly 60 min. treatment option for 4 weeks: $450 (can be used for yoga class, craniosacral therapy or bodywork)
Basic 4 weeks without bodywork treatment sessions: $306
*add $55 for each additional week after 4.