The Alchemy of Intimacy Online Course



Programming, beliefs and habitual patterns can lead to feeling dissatisfied or confused in love, intimacy and sexuality. This online course helps you communicate with, clear and unite energy in your body-mind to increase radiance, magnetism and intimacy. The union of opposing forces within creates personal magnetism. When you are vibrating the fullness of your being, you generate the energy that completes your circuit. From this high frequency of magnetism, you will attract a whole new heightened experience of life and realize that the beloved you desire is you.

In this course, you will connect with and integrate:

  • Your unique form of feminine and masculine energy.
  • Techniques for the union of opposites (masculine/feminine) within.
  • Your attraction to partners and relationships.
  • Your cravings and desires for intimacy.
  • Your habits and addictions in relationship.
  • New and authentic ways to meet your needs without waiting for or expecting her/him to do it.
  • Money and consumption habits.
  • The alchemy of pain and pleasure in relationships.
  • Your unique style of intimate communication.
  • And so much more!

You get:

  • Over 13 weeks worth of integration material to work with.
  • Complimentary natal chart pdf sent to your email.
  • Instructions for drawing up a natal chart.
  • Symbolic Meaning to the Celestial Bodies guide sheets.
  • The Alchemy of Intimacy in manuscript form.
  • Weekly video guide.
  • Unlimited downloads.
  • Bonus meditation audio.
  • Endless possibilities for intimacy and attracting more love in your life.

**Be sure to include your birth date, birth time and city you were born in if you want your natal chart e-mailed to you.

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