Astro-Intentions (or) Life-Cycles Reading


Through understanding the beautiful language of astrology, you will begin to expand into the fullness of who are while being grounded in the truest version of yourself. We have been programmed to believe in an outside authority to tell us how and who to be, which is usually NOT who we truly are. Understanding the natal chart allows your unique mystery (my-story) to unfold. Your life is authored by you!


I offer these readings in 1, 2 or 3 part session. Get the 3-part reading HERE.

First reading: Cosmic Embodiment 

This covers the 4 corners of your natal chart, your natural born skills and traits, new skills you are learning, and other personal life intention material. The four corners information covers your contribution to the world, some people call this a career. Your home and roots, which tells what type of home life is best for you and what you need to feel your best at home. You will answer the questions, “Who am I? and “Who are you?” in reference to a marriage relationship and begin to understand what is most important to you in romance and how to get better results in this area.

This reading covers some relationship material by looking at Venus and Mars in combination with the Relationship Axis. This material has been a life changer for me and I wish to share it with as many people as possible. When we create harmony within ourselves and our relationships, we create harmony on the Planet. -117

Second reading: Dynamic Creation

This is an explanation of the outer planets as archetypal energies and the way they connect, relate and create movement in your life. Answers for many of your deepest questions can be accessed here. We find clues about how to meet your life’s intentions and co-create with the “as above so below mysteries.” -97

Third reading: Cosmic Initiations and Life Phases

Here we discover your current initiation cycles and astrological life-phases. Knowing your current astrological phase allows you create with the energy rather than fight against it. Accessing past events helps to liberate energy that is “stuck in the past.” Looking at future timings gives you the opportunity to see what planetary phase upcoming and how certain events can be used to harness the power of the stars.

You can request an astrological look at past, present, and/or future timings. -117

You will receive an email with a recorded video of your reading, personal moon phase information, and a pdf of your chart and self-care after your reading.

With your reading, you will receive:

  • Detailed explanation of the moon phase you were born under.
  • A pdf that explains some post reading self-care guidelines and recommendations.
  • Answers to any questions or concerns.
  • Feedback is definitely welcome!

*E-mail me your birthday, birth time (as exact as possible) and the city in which you were born.

This link can be used for ANY of the 3 Part Readings or a Sacred Timings Reading!

-The third video can be current timeline questions and/or related to past or future dates.

Here’s a Sample Reading on You Tube.