Wellness Package – In Person



In order to change the external world, you must begin to examine your inner world. When you see your inner world, you can begin making conscious choices. Transformation requires deep acceptance of yourself wherever you are, making significant alterations to core beliefs, patterns and routines. In this intensive program, we utilize yogic alchemy, ayurveda and astrology for deep introspection and life affirming practices. The results are lifelong benefits to overall well-being.

Program includes:

  • Ayurvedic Dosha assessment
  • Full body sensitivity testing via Qest
  • 3 Astrology Readings – Life Purpose, Strategies, and Sacred Timings
  • Individualized plan weaved together with Astrology, Ayurvedic dosha and personal goals
  • Transformation Package Guidebook
  • On-going Ayurveda Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling for six weeks – Includes specific yogic practices and rituals for you.
  • Weekly 60 min bodywork sessions which can include private yoga class or modality of your choice.

Getting Started:

  • Start to document your daily activity and consumptions.
  • Fill out an intake form.
  • Ayurveda assessments.
  • Start a live google (or another program) document where we can interact frequently.
  • Send me your birthdate, time and city you were born in.
  • Send in nail clipping and/or hair for Qest assessment or come to San Diego to do in person.

You get three professional astrology readings on video. These readings will give you clues about gifts/talents that may have not been accessed and habits/addictions that could be worked with. This is very helpful in learning the phase of life you are in and effect ways of deepening your relationship between yourself and the outer world.

We will have 1 live meeting (phone, skype, in person) to do a live consultation to discuss your assessments, goals, dreams, and vision for your ideal outcome.

Each week has a theme you will be focusing on and a morning cleansing routine will be consistent throughout the 6 weeks.

This program is very interactive and requires you to put your wellness as a #1 priority. The dietary changes you make will be specific to you and your goals but you may be doing a juice cleanse. Having a juicer is helpful.

Your results will vary to the extent that you engage with your journey. This program is meant to inspire radical transformation in your life. If you wish to continue life as you know it, I recommend avoiding this or any of the intensive trainings I offer.

Only 5 spots available.

Pricing Breakdown:

  • 85 per week for nutrition advice (this is flexible depending on the amount of guidance you want.)
  • 85 per week for hour session
  • 85 for 1 time consultation
  • 100 for 1 time full body sensitivity scan (Qest)
  • 97 for Celestial Timings reading
  • 2 Astrology Reading are complimentary for this program. (194 value)

Payment Plans:

Pay only 1272 with cash, bitcoin, or Venmo: www.venmo.com/Anjani-Siegrist


2) payments of 434 <every other week> for 6 weeks.

3) use a portion of your current package hours.


Sign-up anytime and get started with the Ayurveda and Qest assessment, astrology readings and intake forms. The detox portion starts on the New Moon after you have had 2 weeks to begin tracking your habits and getting into the swing of your new morning routine. I look forward to being the tour guide to your inner genius and integrating the wisdom of Sky and Earth into your life experience. 

“If God wished to hide, God would choose man to hide in. That is the last place man would look for God. The trouble with the masses is that they are trying to become something that is already right within. We are seeking and searching everywhere outside ourselves for God, attending countless lectures, meetings, groups, reading innumerable books, looking to teachers and leaders when all the time, God is right within. If mankind will let go of trying and accept that they are, they will soon be perfectly aware of the reality.” The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East.