Chiron: Spiritual Healing Astrology Reading



The things we hide from the world are a veil between individual self and cosmic self. Lift that veil with confidence. Rumi said: “The wound is the place where the light enters you.”

Your wounds are where your own magical light seeps out and merges with the infinite light.

This reading’s focus is on Chiron aspects and all the way the Chirotic experience flows through your life.

Chiron is known as the wounded/shamanic healer. As Chiron transitions, a synthesis and digestion of life lessons takes place. We all have at least one fracture point. Chiron’s placement on your chart shows you what the wound is, how to work with it, and what your gifts are.

The things that seem most painful are often the gateway to accessing your greatest gifts.

You will integrate:

  • Times of your life where Chiron’s influence was most active.
  • What part of life the wound may be in.
  • How you hide, band-aid, or overcompensate for your cut.
  •  How, when and where your own magical alchemy relates to your life and the world.

You get:

  • 33 min in depth private video  on your Chiron connections.
  • Your natal chart.
  • Integration exercises specific to your chart material.
  • Your Moon phase information.
  • Post-Astrology Reading Self-Care Guide.


  • Chiron Workbook – The Alchemist’s Guide to Wholeness.
  • Video guide for looking up your own Chiron timeline.


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