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The Moon represents your soul, dreams, longing, emotions and the “sum total of your moods over the course of your life.” It is also a reliable tool for your creativity, fertility, and manifestation process. Every month the Moon reaches the same Moon phase, relationship with the Sun, as it was when you were born. This is a monthly lunar birthday and a potent timing for setting (seeding) your intentions.

In this reading, you will:

  • calculate the exact degree of your Moon phase
  • learn how to use this timing for your manifestation process
  • find out what areas of your life are most affected by the Moon
  • bring in celestial assistance through Moon complexes in your chart
  • relate your inner Moon cycle with the phase of the Moon

Bonus Material:

  • Moon Phases and Menstrual Cycle Correspondences.
  • Temple of the Moon video playlist.
  • Get Manifestation with the Moon ¬†at 50% off with purchase of this reading.

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