Eclipse Reading

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“Unlock the transformative power of eclipses with our specialized astrological reading. Discover how these celestial catalysts have influenced the past 18 months, the present, and the next 18 months of your life. Gain insights, guidance, and strategies to navigate change and harness positive transformation.”



Eclipses speed things up, acting as catalysts in our lives. This reading focuses on how the set of eclipses are impacting you the last 18 months, in the present and next 18 months.

An eclipse reading is a special type of astrological reading that focuses on the energy and themes surrounding a particular solar or lunar eclipse. Eclipses are powerful celestial events that can have a profound impact on our lives, often bringing about major changes and shifts in our personal and collective consciousness.

During an eclipse reading, you will receive insights and guidance on how to best navigate the energies of the eclipse. We will explore specific areas of life that are likely to be impacted by the eclipse, as well as identify potential challenges and opportunities that may arise.

The reading will include a look at the whole set of eclipses and offer specific insights on how to best work with the transformative energies to create positive changes in your life, as well as strategies for managing any potential difficulties that may arise.

If you want the reading live on a Zoom meeting, book here: Full Eclipse Reading


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