The Alchemist’s Guide to Wholeness

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“There is no barrier or veil between me and the unseen realm. I am learning to trust myself. Learning the depths of my own feelings, my level of madness, my sexuality, and the beliefs I hold around these.”
Chiron is the part of you that is the magician, alchemist, shaman, healer, and the wise prophet. In everyday life, this voice may not even be noticed. But during trauma, this part of you speaks louder and the voice is honored. It is that part of you that has been through hell and back. The part of you who has cheated and
been cheated and integrated the lessons. This is the part of you that has always known how to heal and finds ways to communicate the healing process with your body, either through felt signs like pain, or through dreams, or through a book falling off a shelf into your hands. There is no limit with this part of you because it is pure scintillating energy that works for successful human embodiment.”

This workbook will guide you to your gifts through your wounds and help your integration/healing process. You will also learn how to track your personal Chiron transits to see the pattern of you personal gift/curse dichotomy. This leads to massive healing.

Bonus Download: Embodiment of Forgiveness Process


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