day 1: Bhagamalini: Nitya of the Flowering Yoni

Om Bhagamalinyai Namaha

Sun: 0 Cancer
Moon: 5 Cancer, 5 degrees from Sun, New Moon
Inner Moon: days 1-7, low progesterone, low estrogen, bleeding

Moon Vibes:

The ambiguous presence that brings gifts of creative potential. Now that we are in the darkest phase of the Moon cycle, the obscure vision makes for reimagining new possibilities. This phase is where we plant new seeds of intention. New Moon relates to Winter Solstice and Yule. In tantra yoga, this is the merging of Moon and Sun from third-eye to crown of the head. In and out breath unite at the crown of the head in breath pause (kumbhaka) where the magic of integration of opposites happens. In the hero’s journey, this is the call to adventure. The phase of the inner Moon cycle related with new Moon is menstruation. Low progesterone, low estrogen and bleeding is present. Take time to rest and reflect. Great phase for receiving dreams and insight. Use foods with higher protein, nurturing, and easy to digest.


Moon in Cancer corresponds with breasts, womb, ovary, stomach, mucousa.

New Moon in Cancer is a great time to heal mucous membranes. I recommend doing at home yoni/lingam steam. Here’s a basic set up:

  • Set up a camping potty chair or get a sheet you can wrap your self in while standing over the steam.
  • Have a pot of boiled water with or without plants, tea or essential oil in it. You can also use a facial streamer. Start with something generally healing like calendula, lavender and rose.
  • Set the pot under the chair or where you’re going to stand.
  • Sit on the chair with the herbal steam under you. You can cover up with a sheet or blanket depending on how warm you want to feel.
  • If you want ongoing steam, you can use a crock pot. This will take more preparation time, but worth it.

Take this time to mediate, relax, relish in the bliss of your sexuality. I like to imagine cleansing, healing, releasing any energy that is ready to shift. Read: Good Pussy

Moon in Cancer:

Moon just 5° ahead of Sun in Cancer as we welcome the transition to Summer. Cancer is the sign most like Moon and the whole season is very Moony. Start thinking about how you parent yourself; support, protect, discipline, nurture and provide unconditional love for yourself. Then these things can extend out to those close to you.


Astrology info to consider:

Venus and Saturn both rx harmonizing together. When Venus and Saturn get in right relationship and make a foundation built on respect and love.

Mars at 90° angles with south node, challenging past masculinity programs and patterns. Mars at 90° with north node challenging us to face the past while consciously deciding how we want to go forward in our masculinity. How do you use your energy of desire, force, willpower, assertiveness?

Sun at north node, expanding and evolving us. Sun sq. Mars, active passion and will to go get what we want.


New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the Summer Solstice feels very important, but there is no pressure to put on a big show, we can receive everything we need from the energy of this day by relaxing and being present.  This is what ritual is all about, relaxing into the present moment.   With presence and intention we create actions inspired by the current energies and what we wish to cultivate, express and communicate to Spirit, this is ritual.  Every action can be a ritual when the action is infused with present awareness and embodied intention.

About Temple of the Moon Rituals:

  • Creating Sacred Space:
    • Sacred space is the first step to all your rituals, creating sacred space is another way to say become fully present and honor this present moment as a gift.  Your physical body can be that space, your bedroom can be that space, your bed, your bathroom, your yard, your kitchen, your entire house; where ever you are, there you are.  Acknowledging the physical locale where you are present creates a container and grounds the energy of your practice.  You can adorn your physical body with sacred items, you can create an adorn your space with candles, smudge, lighting and/or music, ect.  Being here is a gift, where you are is sacred, treat this like a Temple
  • Calling in Energy and Spirit:
    • Everything is energy. Just as you can feel “the vibe” of someone when they enter a room or interact with you, you can invite in the energetic vibe you wish to feel around you in the moment of your ritual. Simply by thinking, feeling, or asking aloud for these energies to support you in the here and now, you are calling in energy and spirit.  In Temple of the Moon I will always recommend calling in the energy of Moon and the sign Moon is in that day.  You will also call in the energy of your Spirit guides.. angels, ancestors, ascended masters, any and all Spirit guides that you feel a connection with!
  • The Ritual:
    • Once you have honored the steps above(those above steps could take a few seconds or you could take your time and spend minutes with these practices) you are ready for ritual.  The final piece is to weave presence and intention into your actions, with this any action becomes ritual.  Whether it’s journaling, reading poetry, taking a bath, practicing a meditation, or making a cup of tea, ect. with presence and intention this action can be a ritual.
  • Conclude in Gratitude:
    • Always, in all you do, end with note of gratitude and appreciation that you were able to do, experience, and be.  Send heart felt mental notes of gratitude toward Moon, the energies that support you, and your Spirit guides showing up.  Gratitude is a powerful expression that grounds us back into our natural state as heart centered beings.

Tonight under this New Moon Solar Eclipse, embraced in Cancer energy, use this guide to ritualize the action of creating you dream altar(see below) and take time to relax to receive and nurture ourselves in our present state.   Journal about what ritual means to you and what nourishing actions you can make a regular habit out of ritualizing this month.


Build a new dream altar for 6th Moon cycle.

It can be a big empty bowl where you dedicate space to hold tonight’s dream images. You can include anything that serves as an invitation or reminder that you care about dreams and want to engage with them. Your dream-self will be strengthened through this altar.

Watch this video about dreaming.

Menstruation cycle and Moon:
What phase of your inner Moon cycle are you in? What hormones are most prominent? How does this relate with outer Moon’s bleeding phase? Remember, your cycle and Moon cycle do not need to match. Read more about the correspondences here.

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