The mysteries of women’s sexuality have been far too long hidden, oppressed and exploited for power over others; even over women themselves. What you will find here are things that I previously would not even talk about with close friends, for reasons based in fear. Now I see that the sharing of information around the womb, sexuality and personal power uplifts us all in sisterhood while increasing consciousness around intimacy and the ways we relate with each other.

First things first …

Your yoni is perfect just the way it is. It is proven to be self-cleansing and self-healing, just as every other part of the human body. If you are having any foul smells, pain, itching, burning or irregular discharge, research further than this article and possibly seek a ND or a womb specialist.

The words we have used to express and define the female regenerative organs have been either too clinical or too offensive for most of us. I invite you to find a new relationship and new words for the entrance to your womb; the holiest place known to wo/man where life is created, cooked and birthed. The Goddess Temple, your Yoni.

Now, think back to the last time you were in an intimate embrace with a lover and s/he said something like, “this is my pussy” and then you agreed. During the intense moments of orgasm, this declaration (and others) can get imprinted on your womb. Sometimes love making was forced or your yoni was used as receptacle for stress or unprocessed emotions. We aren’t aware of the implications of these and other unconscious actions yet they can affect us for years, even beyond the relationships they occur in.

Inhale deeply and call back your womb energy from all times, places, and people. 

If you feel like getting specific, you can write it down and declare all past contracts null and void. 

As you inhale your womb energy, allow your entire body to soften and reunite with any bits that were given or taken away. Hold your hands over your womb and confirm to yourself, “My womb is a blessed basin of love and vital healing energy.” 

For my sisters who want to explore ways to strengthen the yoni relationship, here are some of my top secrets for natural beauty and health.

As you know, everything you consume through all sense organs is processed and excreted through various parts of the body. Think beyond just physical consumptions. The fluid in eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin and regenerative organs gives you a lot of information about how your body is relating with what you are feeding it. Listen and respond appropriately.

  1. Focus on eating as much organic produce as possible to increase alkalinity. This will leave you exuding life-force energy and pleasant smells.
  2. Get some sunshine and salt water on your pussy! The areas of your body that are rarely/never exposed to the sun are the areas that need it the most. There is something very primal and energy enhancing about consciously connecting in cosmic embrace with the Sun, Moon, and other celestial bodies through the yoni. The natural elements in sea salt were worth Gandhiji fighting for and more valuable than any expensive product you will find for healing. So get naked and go for an ocean swim or prepare a decadent seasalt bath followed by a 15 minute session with the sunshine. Try it and see how it works for you!
  3. Think about the theory of correspondence when picking produce to enhance the vitality and deliciousness of your Goddess Temple. Figs, papaya, and anything that hides its juice within a womb-shaped structure will nourish your womb.
  4. Drink cranberry or other pure, organic extracts of astringent berries. Sometimes smells that are less than appealing are related to minor infections in the urinary tract. Cranberry juice purifies the bladder and whole urinary tract keeping your channels flowing freely and radiating health. Remember, using pure or extracted berry juice is medicinal, so don’t overdo it. I serve mine in an amethyst chalice and sip it like wine as an offering to the Goddess.
  5. Add Medicinal Foods Yin Love Herbal Tonic to your smoothies or morning tea. I have been using this product for about a month and notice my pelvis feeling more resourced and abundant from the tonifying herbs and special attention this product pays to the Universal Womb of which all Wombs are connected and related to.
  6. Using a yoni egg can help reconnect the logical reasoning of the mind with the mystery of the pelvis while physically strengthening the pelvic muscles. Start today and go easy with this. It is more about building up and toning your muscles for longevity and health. Having children is easier when your pelvic muscles are strong and you won’t be “loose” after childbirth.
  7. My top secret that I never thought I’d share is a kaolin clay yoni wand. The Yoni is self-cleansing and healing, yet this wand is an all over rejuvenator and invigorator to the walls of your Goddess Temple. Again, don’t go overboard! I used it a few times per month at first and then tapered down to once per month a few days before my inner moon cycle.

Create juiciness for yourSelf. Your fluids nourish kidney energy and work to alleviate stress response. Don’t give it up or give it away! Re-circulate your orgasmic yoni juice back towards your spine or in conscious, co-creative partnership with your beloved. Above all, remember your power of creative choice and sacred sovereignty in connection with your body.


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