Let your giving and receiving of touch be equally communicative.

Every intimate encounter with another human being is an encounter with the Divine.

Invocation for touch: I open to Great Spirit, which unites us all. I see you as a form of God/dess and I am grateful for the gift of connection with you. May our communication be blessed. So it is.

Before starting any form of massage, take a moment to tune in and get centered. Close your eyes to limit the outside distractions. Take a slow, deep inhalation and an equally slow exhalation. Bring your awareness to your body. Let your inhales and exhales become equal in length. Breathing is grounding.

Before touching your partner, have some idea of a beginning, middle and end for your treatment. Deciding in advance how much time you want to spend and the nature of the massage you both agree to participating in are keys to success!  

Once you feel grounded and present with yourself, it is time to tune into your partner. Placing your hands on the tops of your partner’s shoulders, take a few deep breaths and allow a connection to form between the two of you. Notice the way your partner’s body feels. Be curious like a child. Notice:

·         Temperature

·         Softness/firmness

·         Movement with her/his breathe

·         How you feel with your hands on your partner’s shoulders

All of this is information and by tuning into it, you can be more aware of yourself and your partner.

Here is a basic flowchart to make sure you address each body part. It is not necessary to follow it verbatim.

Shoulder work:


Lower back/hips:

Back up the back:

Shoulders- Transition to front and have your partner lay down


Down the arms:


Up the arms- to chest and belly:



This routine can be done anywhere and anytime. It is non-sexual in nature but your intention can absolutely change that.

Using a body oil that is organic and has an inspiring aroma may aid in your intention for sensual massage. Adding oil to this routine gives more flexibility in the movements. More sweeping and gliding can be used with oil.

When the massage is finished, thank your partner for allowing you to massage her/him and offer a drink of water.

Giving a massage is a great gift for both giver and receiver!

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