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Ancient Spiral of Death and Birth

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Pure consciousness merges with matrilineal descendants to create the embodied fractal that is me. DNA active. Chakras open. I am whole and complete. Ancestral wisdom pulsing through my veins. The breath of the One Breath breathes with me.

My flowing river of heart blood not separate from the divine rhythm of the God/dess. This river connects all daughters, mothers and grandmothers in an unending spiral of death and birth. My blood and sexual energy flow synchronistically as a vital messenger between the realms of life and death. 

Body-mind-energy releases to re-boot. I no longer feel the need to argue and second guess the innate wisdom of my body temple. My subtle energy and physical pathways are sanctified. Attachment to meanings I assigned to stories are cleansed by blood of the circle of grandmothers. There is pain and pleasure in surrendering to this ancient cycle.

I give thanks to my guides and teachers seen and unseen for grounding support on my evolutionary adventure. I honor and give thanks to the immense power in the flow of my blood.



Practical Guide to Your Cosmic Body

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Your Cosmic Body


Ayurveda and Yoga

Yoga, union of individual consciousness with Universal Consciousness, is a process of physiological and psychological alchemy. To understand this from an alchemical perspective, we must understand the 3 energies of the doshas and their subtle energies.

You are made of three cosmic forces: vata, pitta, kapha.

  • Vata translates as “the wind” and is the air element.
  • Pitta translates as “the power of digestion” and is the fire element.
  • Kapha translates as “what makes things stick together” and is water held in earth.

You are created with each of these forces in unique combination. Understanding your unique combination is vital in maintaining optimal health of body-mind-spirit. You can find out your combinations by taking the dosha quiz at

The vital essence of the doshas used in yoga alchemy:

  1. vata essence is prana
  2. pitta essence is tejas
  3. kapha essence is ojas

In yoga practice, we are transforming and bringing balance to the psyche and body. These subtle energies can be defined as:

  1. Prana – primordial life force
  2. Tejas – inner radiance, outer luster
  3. Ojas – primal vigor

These three are interdependent of each other and dance together to create animation, health and vitality in the body. A serious yogi lives a lifestyle that increases and builds the subtle energies rather than depleting them. To do that we start with Ojas.

Ojas: The juice that is created from every function that happens throughout the physical body. Ojas is an actual biological substances in the body rather than just energetic. This is creating immunity and longevity in the body.

 To build ojas:

  1. Diet – using what is right for your constitution.
  2. Tonic herbs – plants that produce soma or substance.
  3. Sexual energy – conscious and regulated discharge of the reproductive fluid.
  4. Sense awareness – conscious maintenance of the sense organs. Much energy is lost here.
  5. Emotional Awareness – This energy is potent and can be used to build or deplete ojas. Bhakti yoga is a means for cultivation of this energy.

When ojas is healthy, like a concentrate of a thousand roses used to make a drop of rose oil, you can use it for tejas.

Tejas: the burning flame of pure intelligence and illumination. This fire burns ignorance.

To build tejas:

  1. Discipline of activities – fasting, walking before dawn, practicing silence or other energy preservation and building self-disciplines will increase determination and tejas.
  2. Mantra repetition – develops inner fire through sound vibration and controlling aimless mind chatter.
  3. Discipline of activities- fasting, waking before dawn, practicing silence or other self-disciplines
  4. Mantra repetition- develops inner fire through sound vibration and controlling aimless mind
  5. Concentration – Focusing on one thing at a time increases inner fire.
  6. Study of knowledge – Knowledge increases intelligence which itself is fire.
  7. Anything that directs your attention, focus, will and determination will increase tejas.

Once ojas and tejas are full, we can tend to prana.

Prana: The primordial life-force and the bridge between individual consciousness and Universal Consciousness.

Prana is made of FIVE types.

  1. Prana- forward moving air, receptivity and nourishment from all pranas in the body. Exhale
  2. Apana- Down and out moving air, moves things out. Inhale
  3. Samana- balancing air, aids digestion and discernment. Pause
  4. Udana- upward moving air, giving self-expression, will and strength.
  5. Vyana- outward moving air, circulation, free flow of everything in the body.

To increase prana:

  • Pranayama- Conscious movement and integration of the vital energies
  • Meditation – Creating more space in the body gives rise to increase in prana. When we are internally cluttered, there is no space. Prana will fill the space, but you must first create the space.
  • Practicing the 4 paths to yoga-
    • Jnana-study
    • Bhakti-emotion, compassion, love
    • Karma- action and service
    • Raja- integration of life and meditation

Energy moves in all directions and the word prana is a cover story for that concept. Like all cover stories, there is more to the story that is not always readily available. I haven’t been to a yoga studio in a while so I am not sure if this is still true, but I used to hear teachers refer to prana as air. Although prana is not air or food, in can be found in air and in food. It is the “etheric double” or the invisible vitality that animates everything. Much like our digestive system, our energy system can only use what it can digest. Yoga asana and breathing practices increase the digestibility of energy and physical matter and are therefore paramount to our health. Here are the 5 pranas:

  1. Prana- forward moving energy, receptivity and nourishment from all pranas in the body. Exhale
  2. Apana- Down and out moving energy, moves things out. Base. Inhale
  3. Samana- balancing energy, aids digestion and discernment as the fire in the belly. Navel. Kumbhaka. Fusion of prana and apana into central channel. When breathe pauses naturally, energy enters the central channel.
  4. Udana- upward rising energy, belching and vomiting, giving self-expression, will and strength. Throat/mouth. Kundalini Shakti can rise up to the crown.
  5. Vyana- outward moving energy, circulation, extension of limbs, free flow of everything in the body. Chest. Kundalini Shakti unites with Kundalini Shiva in the crown and has the capacity to pervade everything in all times and spaces also known as awakening.

What you need to know:

You can connect with the subtle energy of everything in your life.

  1. If you are experiencing decreased overall energy levels: breath and connect with what you consume. Imagine extracting/sharing vitality with all that you are consuming. Visualize energy from above and below you are entering into every pore of your body.
  2. Bowel evacuation troubles: breath and visualize energy moving downward into your sacrum. Imagine that energy grounding you to the Earth below you.
  3. Decision making challenges: breath and visualize energy moving as an inward spiral.
  4. Any challenge with the voice or throat: Inhale a ball of energy into the throat. Hold it there and retain the breath. On your exhale, let sound come out. Any sound that feels naturally arising and wants to come out.
  5. Decreased circulation: Open your arms like you are going to hug someone. Take a breath in and retain the breath. On the exhale bring the hands to the chest. Visualize energy moving from your center chest out in all directions. Repeat.

These are just a few basic examples of ways you can practically work with prana.

Here is a basic breakdown of a place to start with your yoga practice. Yoga asana, or postural yoga, moves the vital energies through the organs and the bodily tissues. It is meant to prepare and strengthen the body for increased levels of energy and the daily challenges every human contends with in life. Yoga assists in the realization of your perfection and unity with Universal Consciousness. The gift of yoga has its roots much deeper than we have been shown in the mainstream. Yoga and Ayurveda are life sciences and are the best path to wholeness I have yet to see.


Chakra System

The chakra system has its roots in tantric philosophy and has been made popular in the West by hatha and kundalini yoga. A chakra is a wheel or vortex of energy in the body. Many believe that these centers are controlled by organs that are nearby and that there are colors associated with each energy center. It is my understanding that these ideas and concepts came from westerners who worked with energy when yoga first came to the west. Enough of them agreed that the energy centers in the body were synonymous with certain organs and had certain colors. In India, I received the teachings on chakras void of these ideas and concepts. I feel that there is an original map of the energy in the body and people have perceived that energy in numerous different ways over time. In my experience, the “color” is not seen but felt and the organs nearby aren’t always involved in what the energy is communicating. This is an area for you to explore with an open mind and do your best to not get caught in the mind field traps. I will present the chakra information in the way the you will likely find it (with the colors of the rainbow) with the disclaimer that energy in the body is free to do and be anything. It will communicate in its own way. Our job is to stay connected to our center, or central column, and be open to receive.

Learning to feel a color:

Seeing with your senses is what I call “seeing with my eyes closed.” Energy is subtle at first and can take practice learning to communicate with. Here is a game to play that will increase your sensitivity to feeling a color:

Gather your energy into your central column, your spine, or your midline. Eyes open or closed, breath in and imagine gathering up all of you in energy form.  This can be like seeing all your energy tentacles being retracted into your body and you becoming so full of yourself that all the chaotic energy automatically disengages. [Many people like to exhale “all negative energy.” Truth is, energy is not good/bad. All that you can perceive is your stuff. Integration of this energy will nourish you.] Keep inhaling your energy and on the exhales let everything soften and integrate. Bring your awareness to a pet or someone you know. Ask yourself, “What does this being’s energy feel like in color form?” Let a color arise in your awareness. What does this color feel like? Does it have a texture? How does it smell? What does it taste like? As many questions as you can ask, allow your bodymind to respond. Honor and respect whatever arises as valid information.

  1. First Chakra, Sanskrit name: Muladhara- located at the base of the spine and the sacral plexus, represents Earth element. Bija mantra, LAM and noted as a 4 petaled lotus. Meditation on muladhara helps the practitioner to gain breath and mind control and knowledge of past present and future.

This is the place where Kundalini Shakti, the energy of manifest form, resides. Many people believe this energy needs to be activated or “awakened” for progress in spirituality and healing. But this energy moves as she needs to and does not necessarily need to be activated or awakened. The awakening happens in the right timing. What we can do is prepare the ground and pathways in the body to better accommodate her movements.

  1. Second Chakra, Sanskrit name: Svadhisthana- at genital organs and regenerative organs, represents Water element. Bija mantra, VAM and noted as a 6 petaled lotus. Meditation on this center improves psychic awareness, intuition, and knowledge of astral entities.

The area in the body can be a place of guilt and shame in both men and women. It is a highly energy rich area that often gets over stimulation or avoidance, which is stimulation without movement. It is easy to deplete this chakra and feel burned out or have excessive amounts of energy and feel anxious. Taking salt water baths or spending time near natural bodies of water can be extremely helpful in balancing this area. Eating foods that help to balance and maintain water metabolism such as celery, watermelon, grapes, cucumber and other juicy plants can be advantageous in efforts to bring harmony.

  1. Third Chakra, Sanskrit name: Manipura- navel region at solar plexus. Energy is fiery (tejas) and the name Manipura roughly translates to lustrous gem. The bija mantra is RAM and there are 10 lotus petals. Meditation here gives inner strength, powers of discernment, freedom from disease and fear.

Inner will power and ego identification are predominating here. There will be a strong sense of self with firm yet loving boundaries. Powerful dictators and “pushover” people are deficient in this area. When manipura is strong, there is no need to control or have power over others. The person will stand up for themselves and eventually be so centered that the need to stand up for oneself diminishes. Many people in spiritual communities have weak ego identification largely due to the belief that ego is bad. This can lead to long-term problems which can be remedied though understanding and acceptance of the egoic nature and its rightful place in a human life.

  1. Fourth Chakra, Sanskrit name: Anahata- heart region at cardiac plexus. Energy is that of air and the name translates as unstruck, referring to the sound that comes without striking. The lotus has 12 petals and it’s bija mantra is YAM. Meditation here opens powers of universal love, forgiveness and direct realization of the cosmic connection between inner and outer as one.

The heart center easily becomes burdened by belief that love and compassion are generated here. The heart is more like a motor than a container for love and compassion. The heart can integrate and move universal love, acceptance, forgiveness throughout the entire body while the chakra integrates and acts on the cosmic plane. When the heart chakra is healthy, there is equality in all beings and acceptance is reflected inside and out.

  1. Fifth Chakra, Sanskrit name: Vishudda- throat region at laryngeal plexus. The energy here is that of space, it is a 16 petal lotus and its bija mantra HAM. Meditation here connects the individual to the Infinite.

I call this chakra the cosmic cave of wonders. It is here that a great merging of past, present, future happens and many psychic experiences can unfold. Although, this can happen anywhere in the body, the throat is the bridge between the earth process of body mechanics and the workings of the magical and mysterious following two chakras.

  1. Sixth Chakra, Sanskrit name: Ajna- between eyebrows at the nerve plexus of the sympathetic nervous system that lies on each side of the sella turcica, Turkish saddle, or seat of the pituitary gland. This chakra has 2 petals and its bija mantra is OM. Meditation on this chakra gives connection to higher intelligence, great inner and outer sight, and strong intuitive powers.

The red portion is the seat that holds the pituitary gland.

I call this the 1st Eye and practice turning my eyes inward which allows the practitioner to look within while the physical eyes are closed. Many of the modern foods and technology are harmful to this center. Some notables are fluoride in tap water, soda, artificial lighting, and looking at screens. Some healing things for this center are, raw cacao, drinking pure water, craniosacral therapy, using crystals (fluorite is a good one), doing eye exercises, practicing intuitive games, and spending time out in nature. Anything that detoxifies the body will be helpful in strengthening the third eye chakra.


  1. Seventh Chakra, Sanskrit name: Sahasrara- at the crown of the head and corresponds with the pineal gland. This is a thousand-petal lotus and is the seat of the upper kundalini or urdhva kundalini. This is known as Shiva kundalini. When Shakti kundalini from the root meets with Shiva Kundalini in the crown, the practitioner experiences extreme states of bliss, the highest knowledge, and has an enlightenment experience.

There is no bija manta here and in the texts that I have seen, this area is very secret and not mentioned much beyond speculation. My basic understanding is that this is the place we connect to our individual with the cosmic consciousness. The sound I associate here is all sounds tightly woven together so much that there is no description that I can replicate. The silent sound of vibration. Anytime your bring your awareness to this area, you are doing a great amount of good to your sahasrara/crown chakra.




One of the most taboo, esoteric and unfortunately misunderstood concepts is that of kundalini. Upon research on this topic, I learned that the word kundalini appeared for the first time in the 7th century in a Tantrik text in Kashmir.

What you need to know:

Your body is electric. There are power centers in the body and 2 main ones we work with in yoga. One in the base of the spine (Kundalini Shakti) and one in the crown (Kundalini Siva). If your kundalini yoga practice only emphasizes raising energy up to the crown, be aware that there needs to be an equal attention to bringing that energy down or disaster is likely. Just look at what happens in any system that favors one side over the other. Yoga practice works directly on energy and blowing a circuit is real. Balance is key.



Everything in the physical realm has an energetic or etheric double. No thing that we see with our eyes is without an energetic component. This concept pervades all existence in life. There are said to be 72,000 nadis in the pranic sheath and three of which we place great attention. The central channel, or sushumna nadi, and the two nadis on either side, ida and pingala.


  • Left brain
  • Chandra/Moon
  • Cooling


  • Right brain
  • Surya/Sun
  • Healing

Many of the aspects of a yoga practice aim to purify these nadis which allow more energy to move in, out, through and around the way it moves in its expanded state. Pranayama/breathing practices are extremely powerful and potent methods for bringing wholeness to your energy, body, and entire life. This topic is vast and I highly recommend researching before implementing a practice. Two safe and effective practices are kapalabhati and anuloma viloma which are beneficial for balancing and purifying ida and pingala.

“We often come to a practice like yoga feeling inadequate and looking for a way to get better, right, healed, or fixed. But you are not broken or wrong and having this be the foundation of your practice will only lead to more proof to your original belief. We practice yoga to get closer to embodying the truth of existence and beginning with this at your starting point will be a far greater ally in your journey. The power/energy that created us, is still us. It didn’t make us and then run off to some distant place where it can laugh at, judge and punish us.”









The Easy Road for a Beautiful Woman

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07 Dec 2016

By Anjani Siegrist


Beauty is a prized possession that men and women want to own in one way or another. But what is the real cost of beauty?

I grew up being valued for my beauty. From as early back as I can remember, people would take pictures of me and talk about what I beautiful little girl I was. Mostly outside of my family. Within my family, I felt outcast. My mother’s sisters, their daughters (with a few exceptions) and my mother’s mother seemed to despise me. They said I was conceited, stuck up, made jokes about my perfect posture and said things like, “What are you trying to prove?” In my reality, I did not feel superior or beautiful and wasn’t trying to prove anything. I got a lot of attention and felt like I was in the spotlight everywhere I went.

When I was six years old I stayed at my mother’s sister’s home for a week or so. Her husband would have me and my cousin massage his legs and feet, which I did not enjoy. I remember being left alone with him and wishing someone would call me back into the living room or come looking for me. One night after everyone went to sleep, he came into the room where I was sleeping and molested me. I had no way of understanding what was happening or how to handle the situation. I told my cousins the next morning and they immediately told the grown-ups, against my request to keep it a secret. There was nothing done. Not even a talk to check in with me or listen to how I felt about what had happened. Between the ages of 6 and 9, my memory of where I lived, my family structure, and life in general is a blur. The rush of energy and change in my mentality around who I was and how I was supposed to act was disorienting. My little body and mental state were not developed enough to handle the situation. I recently asked my mother to fill in the gaps on my memory of exactly how old I was, what season it was, and whether she knew about what happened or not. From what my mother told me and my memory, I believe my aunts didn’t tell my mother until years later. The story has always been that the women knew that my father would kill that uncle so they were protecting my dad from going to prison. My father was a dangerously violent man and certainly would have killed him. 

During elementary school, I lived in a Mormon town in Thatcher, Arizona. I remember having my first crush on a boy when I was in the 3rd grade. His name was Josh. He had the prettiest green eyes and gorgeous smile. I wrote about him in my diary and wished that he would like me too. But the kids called me a nigger, butt-wipe, dirty black girl and a lot of other racially biased names. Even if Josh did like me back, he certainly would not have admitted it. The kids were cruel and their parents were even worse. 

When I reached 7th grade, boys started to notice me. I got gifts from secret admirers and had requests to go on dates to the movies. I also had some rage ridden boys who would call me a slut, bitch, and other horrible things when I declined their attempts at courting me. The summer after 7th grade, I had sex for the first time. I was 12 years old. It was with a boy who was 15 and was a family member of a family I used to babysit for. I didn’t really know him. I bled so much that I passed out in the bathtub the next day. But I couldn’t tell anyone. That summer everything changed. I stopped going to church which was a big deal for me since I took the bus to church every single Sunday with my sister and cousin. I felt guilty and full of shame.

When 8th grade started, it seemed like all the boys were interested in me. I was very pretty but also very insecure. I had a boyfriend named Sean who was in the 10th grade. He was a light-skinned Mexican guy with stunning green eyes and was very suave. Sean was beautiful and a lot of the girls his age liked him. They decided they wanted to beat me up, even though they never met me. I soon had to have an escort walk me home from school every day for my safety. The girls would come to my house at night, yell profanity and honk the horn for me to come outside. My mom had a boyfriend in another town and didn’t sleep at our house a lot of nights so wasn’t there when this was happening. When we would go out to get groceries, girls would threaten me in public and right in front of my mother. It was so embarrassing. But my mom stood up for me and that felt good. But my mom couldn’t be there to stand up for me most of the time. By the time I was 13 years old, I remember wishing I would just be fat and ugly to avoid all the trouble my looks were causing me.

We moved to the town where my mother’s boyfriend lived at the end of 8th grade. Even though my mother’s boyfriend had something against me, I was so happy to not be in fear for my safety anymore. But when school started in the 9th grade, it was even worse with the girls. They instantly hated me and their boyfriends loved me. I was at that school between 9th and 12th grade and had the hardest time fitting in, making friends and being a part of the community. There was one girl who was relentless in wanting to fight me. She would drive by in her truck looking for me at every lunch break and after school. Finally, I decided I had to fight her to make it end. I was scared out of my mind. I met her (and a large group of kids from school) down a deserted road that led to the river. I beat her up to the equivalent of a TKO. But she got up and wanted to fight again. So, we did. When we left that day, she had a concussion and wrecked her truck on the way home. I felt horrible about that. This was the first of many girls I physically wounded. I never once got in trouble for any fighting because every fight was in self-defense and not started by me.

When I was 15, my aunt got a divorce from uncle David and used the molestation against him in court. It was at that time that I had to tell the story of what happened that night repeatedly to so many people with tape recorders and then again in court. I remember wanting to rip my skin right off. I hated what happened to me and that I couldn’t do anything to change my feelings. I felt like I couldn’t control my urges to be sexual and blamed my uncle for that. It was really embarrassing that so many people knew what happened to me.

When I got out of high school, I married a man who was 4 years’ senior to me. He was so jealous and got mad if I wore makeup or perfume to go to my University classes. He said he didn’t want those black guys (the athletes) perusing me. I didn’t give in to my husband’s requests and wore whatever I wanted to. We had tension in our marriage for obvious reasons. To start with, I was only 18 years old. We got married in October and by November I cheated on him with a guy from high school. That marriage was short lived. I realized that I was not ready to be a wife. I wanted to see the world and have adventures. I wanted to meet famous people and date professional athletes. I wanted to model. I knew none of those things would happen in the situation I was in, so I left, joined the Navy and realized those things I had hoped to experience.

All I was complimented, congratulated, loved and hated for was my beauty. When I joined the Navy, they cut my hair off, made me wear boy clothes, and fed me dead food. I was really depressed for the first year, gained about 20 pounds, and did not feel beautiful. I would eat a whole medium sized pizza and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream every day after work with the curtains to my barracks room closed. No matter how horrible I thought I looked, there were always guys on base who would cat call me. But I couldn’t even respond or look at them. I felt so bad about myself. I finally got a plastic surgeon who I worked for to do a liposuction surgery on my belly after being asked by someone if I was “expecting.” After that surgery, my distorted body image and eating problems got worse. I became bulimic and was on a crazy cycle of binge/purge. I finally did lose weight and stabilized myself enough to eat normal amounts of food and not throw it up. But I wasn’t totally free from my disordered eating patterns. I couldn’t talk to anyone about this. It was something I hid in secrecy.

I finally could get to a healthy relationship with food when I was in a healthy relationship with myself. It was not easy and took most of my energy. I started studying Buddhism and practicing yoga when I was pregnant with my son in 2004. When he was born, I became vegetarian because of a story I heard from a chef about an eel he was cooking. I decided that I would no longer contribute to the suffering and loss of freedom of any creature. I lost 30 pounds effortlessly with this change in my perception and eating choices. My family made a lot of comments about my weight and choices, as they often did. At some point, I stopped caring what they said about me and they stopped saying anything

I decided to be fat and ugly when I was 13 to avoid the problems my looks were causing. Then I had to fight (mostly myself) to win my health and beauty back. When I look in the mirror, I now see beauty beyond the physical. My beauty is so much deeper than a surface level. I learned about the inner feminine and inner masculine using astrology which has healed my relationship struggles from the inside. I value and nurture myself and I know that my outer beauty reflects how I feel on the inside. For years, I have felt ashamed of being beautiful because of the damage it caused. I feared being hurt and abused by men and an object of misogyny and hate from other women. Yes. I said that. Other women have been competitive and aggressively hateful to beautiful women.

Overcoming a serious eating disorder, clinical depression, anxiety and panic attacks was a side effect of doing real work on my relationship with myself. For 17 years, I read countless self-help books, attended workshops and certification courses in the healing arts and even went through the medical system for 2 years. The things that have been most beneficial to my healing have been Shamanic journeying, CranioSacral Therapy, Ayurveda, and doing self-love rituals daily. I practice meditation and developed other talents and skills that are not dependent upon my outer appearance. I never once used my looks to get out of speeding tickets, get into the VIP section of the night clubs, or get men to buy me things. I saw other women around me do those things, but I never did it. I am not saying there is anything is wrong with it, but I personally prefer to be valued and treated fairly for simply being human rather than for physical appearance. To be honest, it means more for me to be complimented for my brilliance and creativity rather than be called beautiful or sexy.

By adding this piece of my story to the tapestry of our collective story, I want people to realize what the “easy road for a beautiful woman” might look like. I also hope that you will acknowledge the pieces of your experience as well. Especially the things that you have hidden. After doing bodywork for many years, I notice that so much energy is trapped in the body like a cover-up to keep secrets buried inside. I decided to start moving this deeper layer of energy out of my body and releasing it back into the loving darkness or energetic field where all energy circulates freely. There is no good or bad energy. It is just energy and can be used to create apple pies or nuclear bombs.

Post scriptum: I was looking for court documents to fulfill a request from a publisher before they could publish this writing. I found a death certificate instead. It appears my uncle died in the summer of 2016 from heart failure. After a day of processing, I feel like some cords have been cut between me and painful memories from this portion of my life. The details of what happened and how it was handled by the people in charge are no longer a concern for me. Ultimately, it is my own inner process that I am responsible for. The sense of losing my innocence and the years I spent feeling out of control of my emotions and sexuality are the bigger issues for me. I have worked this topic from many angles over the years. A lot of people have suggested that I “let it go.” Where exactly does “it” go to? It goes into the body and other parts of the unconscious mind where it lives forever as deep programming. I see it all the time in my work with people and I am not interested in wearing my inner material as a hidden under garment. Many creative people take their painful material and MAKE SOMETHING of it. Me, plus my inner material, can equal my art or unconscious acting out. 

I realize today that I am in a phase of holding a memory and a story. The experience put me into a mode of intense sexuality and sensuality which may or may not have been part of my original personality. It was too powerful and impossible for me (before I had training) to contain and work with. I learned the lessons, had many experiences and have taken back my power. I have lived out the drama of that story and now the story is over. I am left with the potency of my own power and ability to run sexual energy through my body for the sole purpose of energizing myself. I no longer feel the need to dampen or hide that part of myself or give power to the story.

Post Astrology Reading Self-care

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Tantric Astrology is like acupressure for the psyche. Having a reading stimulates different pathways in your consciousness and can liberate massive amounts of repressed material into your awareness. The most common thing I notice is information going in and/or out through dream activity and meditative states. If you are not keeping a dream and meditation journal, please do for the next 3-7 days to record any pertinent information. Much of the released energy can be let go of and there is no need to grab ahold of it with your attention. Use discernment and allow what needs to go, go.

Having an astrology reading can be a lot like having 2 hours of deep bodywork and the post care is similar.

  • Stay Hydrated!
  • Get extra rest
  • Eat foods that are easily digestible
  • Pay attention to your dreams, visions, and inner workings
  • Give yourself at least 3 days after your reading to choose relaxation over exertion.
  • Go back and watch your video/s again in a month’s time and again in a few months. People typically say this helps assimilate as well as pick up things they missed previously.
  • Be ready for transformation!

Staying open and hydrated are probably the pieces of advice to certainly follow.

I offer a package that supports you in healthy transformation. This program is meant to use the information from your natal chart incorporated with Ayurveda, Yoga, and sometimes bodywork or energy work. I offer discounts for people who had an astrology reading and want to further their self-inquiry and wellness. This program includes:

  • Ayurvedic Dosha assessment
  • 3 Tantric Astrology Readings – Life Purpose, Strategies, and Sacred Timings
  • Creating Your Own Mythology Workbook
  • Individualized plan weaved together with Astrology, Ayurvedic dosha and personal goals
  • Transformation Package Guidebook
  • On-going Ayurveda Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling – Includes specific yogic practices and rituals for you.
  • Optional: Weekly 30 minute meetings by phone or skype – check in, connect, Q and A, ect. Click here for more details.

Above all, put your self-care needs first. When you are well taken care of, everything flows better. A bodymind with evenly distributed energy is a true pillar of health and wellness.

Partner Massage

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Let your giving and receiving of touch be equally communicative.

Every intimate encounter with another human being is an encounter with the Divine.

Invocation for touch: I open to Great Spirit, which unites us all. I see you as a form of God/dess and I am grateful for the gift of connection with you. May our communication be blessed. So it is.

Before starting any form of massage, take a moment to tune in and get centered. Close your eyes to limit the outside distractions. Take a slow, deep inhalation and an equally slow exhalation. Bring your awareness to your body. Let your inhales and exhales become equal in length. Breathing is grounding.

Before touching your partner, have some idea of a beginning, middle and end for your treatment. Deciding in advance how much time you want to spend and the nature of the massage you both agree to participating in are keys to success!  

Once you feel grounded and present with yourself, it is time to tune into your partner. Placing your hands on the tops of your partner’s shoulders, take a few deep breaths and allow a connection to form between the two of you. Notice the way your partner’s body feels. Be curious like a child. Notice:

·         Temperature

·         Softness/firmness

·         Movement with her/his breathe

·         How you feel with your hands on your partner’s shoulders

All of this is information and by tuning into it, you can be more aware of yourself and your partner.

Here is a basic flowchart to make sure you address each body part. It is not necessary to follow it verbatim.

Shoulder work:


Lower back/hips:

Back up the back:

Shoulders- Transition to front and have your partner lay down


Down the arms:


Up the arms- to chest and belly:



This routine can be done anywhere and anytime. It is non-sexual in nature but your intention can absolutely change that.

Using a body oil that is organic and has an inspiring aroma may aid in your intention for sensual massage. Adding oil to this routine gives more flexibility in the movements. More sweeping and gliding can be used with oil.

When the massage is finished, thank your partner for allowing you to massage her/him and offer a drink of water.

Giving a massage is a great gift for both giver and receiver!

The Healer in You

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Pain, or your attachment and belief about pain, is your own creation. On a basic level, pain makes you move your hand quickly from a hot stove. We like our ability to respond in this situation. When pain shows you areas of your life that need to be reevaluated or shifted, do you have the same ability to respond?

Physical and emotional pain can be transformative when you shift your beliefs.

I experienced three years of acute emotional pain but felt powerless to respond. I couldn’t digest what was happening but I also couldn’t stop eating it and talking about my indigestion, on a metaphysical level. I felt anger that I had zero reference point for and depression that brought me to my knees. My entire self-image was demolished to an unrecognizable pulp that used to be me. The life I had was completely sucked out of my body and all that remained was a frail, skinny limp version of what I used to know as me.

For the people who could be around me during this time, the pain was palpable. I was on the verge of an emotional break day in and day out. No one could help me and many people disappeared from my life.

During this challenging time, I tried many things to relieve myself of the insurmountable pile of emotional debris. The only things that helped were the things that required me to take action and increase my ability to respond to my situation. Shamanic journey work and energy modalities were of the greatest efficacy in letting go of my previous form and rebuilding a new version of myself.

ability to respond

Whatever you repress or reject can create its own life form and energy pattern inside of you. Imagine your body like a hollow bone. When there is repression or rejected parts of your psyche, they lodge into your hollow bone and create sticky spots. Then, when things in your reality match frequency with that sticky spot in you, it irritates that spot. You can blame the person or situation that triggers your sticky spot, but ultimately you must own that the sticky spot originated in you. The person or situation can be viewed as a tool for bringing your awareness to this spot rather than an enemy that needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth. Having space from the person or situation while you do your own personal exploration has proven to be helpful in my experience, but you will find what is best for you. You are bringing power back into your hands now and not waiting for someone else to change. You are responsible for your beliefs, feelings, and emotions. The only person who can cause you to suffer is you, often through believing your thoughts.

changing a belief

Sounds simple enough, right? When coming up to seemingly impossible obstacles in life, changing your mind is the last thing that occurs to you. My pattern was to see the obstacles as threats to my happiness and success rather than a potential source of power or tool for transformation. From a physical fitness perspective, you add weight to your movements to build strength and endurance. The same concept applies to heartmind and bodymind issues. Writing things down is very powerful. Try it with this exercise to changing a belief.

  • What is the discomfort in my current situation? If there is another person or people involved, do not imagine what they may be thinking/feeling.
  • Where in my body is the discomfort being most expressed? This can be multiple places, but start with the most prominent place.
  • Mentally or intuitively go into that place in your body. Breath into that place. See how it feels, what it looks like, what feelings or emotions might be there.
  • Ask if there is anything that this place wants you to know.
  • Give gratitude for anything that comes up even if nothing obvious is pointed out to you in the moment.

If there is advice, words or images that you get, honor them. The body often speaks a subtle language of symbols and sensory signals. Learning your body’s language is imperative to leading an empowered life and taking responsibility for your healing.

Healing means wholeness. There is nothing you need to fix or make better about yourself. Wholeness is accepting and approving of all aspects of yourself under all circumstance.The truth is, you are already whole and healed.

Basic Cleansing and Transformation Package

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Basic Cleanse and Transformation Package:

Basic Guidelines for a 4 Week Detox/Cleanse

By Anjani Siegrist 


A cleanse is an opportunity to rest/heal your entire mind-body-spirit and allow you to reevaluate your goals in life, your choices in lifestyle, and release a lot of “stuff” from your physical body tissues as well as issues in your life.


They can be excessive mucus, abundant free-radicals, fungal and other infestations. In fact, anything that blocks tissues and suffocates cells, causing stagnation and disease is considered toxic. Free radical damage is a common factor in chronic disease; these are irritants which cause inflammation and block normal free-flowing function at every level. Whatever the toxicity, the effects can manifest themselves in many ways. Diabetes, diverticulitis, obesity, fatigue, immune weakness, sexual disorders, swollen joints, headaches and depression are all examples of this. Disease and disorders can develop when the digestive system is compromised. Toxins directly affect the colon and lungs, liver and gallbladder, kidneys and respiratory system. The whole body become sluggish and function at a minimal level in the presence of toxic material.


Almost everyone needs to cleanse, detox and rest their body from time to time – some more than others.


Do Not Attempt If you are Pregnant, Breastfeeding, under 16 years, underweight, frail, diabetic or suffer any kind of glandular fever post viral syndrome type disorders, taking any prescribed medication, feeling low energy or are weak. A strong physical state is important to enable a productive and safe cleansing process.


Two to four times per year. Less if your diet is “clean”, but not more than four times (seasonally) per year.

Healing Crisis – What is it?

This is so called because it can feel like a physical and emotional crisis and it almost always accompanies a cleansing. This process should be supervised to ensure it is done correctly and to avoid any degeneration or illness.

It is in fact the body healing itself by expelling the excess toxins. It can look as though you are getting sick because things can get worse and in some cases, it may remind you of (or be exactly like) the worst times of any chronic illness or disease you have experienced. This stage should last at the most 3 – 4 days and never more than 7 days. If it goes longer than 7 days, get a medical evaluation.

Some common symptoms are headache, aching limbs, skin irritations, spots, rashes, etc. Whatever form it takes, this as a sign that toxins and stagnant materials that were slowly poisoning your body are leaving. The liver and colon are major areas to be cleaned and they can release years of toxicity that was keeping you at a plateau in your health/wellness. The bowel can easily seize up with the new regime unless careful advice and herbal help has been given. Gentle colon tonics are often needed to accompany the cleanse. Constipation at this stage is working directly against what you are trying to achieve. If healing crisis is unbearable, it can be slowed down by eating foods that are on the avoid list and reducing the amount of green juices you are using. Do not feel you have failed because of this but regard it simply an opportunity to cleanse more slowly and perhaps repeat a cleanse in a few weeks or months.  Often the body is better off detoxifying in smaller, less strenuous amounts.

If I Feel Odd, Ill or Sick During the Cleanse What Should I Do?

Drink more water. Toxins may be backing up and this will help to move them on. Otherwise, slow down the amount of herbs you take. Likewise, be sure the bowels are emptying frequently enough so you don’t have toxins re-circulating in the body. Fresh ginger tea will help with nausea.

How do I make fresh ginger tea?

Use ¾ oz (20g) of dried or 1 ½ oz (40g) of chopped fresh ginger to 3 cups of cold water.

Put the ginger in a saucepan and simmer on a very low heat for 20-30 minutes.

Pour out a cup, then store the remainder in a cool place, or refrigerate if storing longer than a day.

Will I Lose Weight?

A lot of toxins are stored in fatty tissue, so for those who are overweight, some release of weight would be ideal. If you are at ideal weight or even a little less and just want a detox, you will find that the cleanse simply keeps you at an ideal body weight. If you do lose a few pounds you can easily gain them back once the cleanse has finished and you make food choices to help you accomplish your goal.

Things to Completely Avoid Throughout Your 4 Week Cleanse:

Sugar and anything with sugar added

white sugar*, brown sugar, raw sugar, fructose, sucrose, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, maltose

replace with a little honey, maple syrup, agave nectar

Artificial Sweeteners

* – aspartame, splenda

replace with stevia or xylitol

Table Salt

* (sodium chloride)

replace with small amount of iodized sea salt, kelp, other pure salts


* – hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated

Anything with ingredients on the label that you can’t pronounce

Red Meat(all meat for the 2-week cleanse, if you want better results)

Cow Milk and milk products(try the rice cheeses and non-dairy alternatives)

All Processed Foods

including: breakfast cereals … basically foods that are ready made and have been sitting in packages.

Junk “Foods”

– chips, candy

Carbonated Drinks

– especially soda pop

Caffeine– coffee, tea, soda


White Flour

Baked Goods

like bread, muffins, pastry

Refined Grains

Fried or Charred Foods

Drugs and Cigarettes


Remember the 4 pathways of elimination: Perspiration, defecation, respiration, urination. We will be utilizing these (to the extent you are interested in) duringthe cleanse.

  • Exercise: The value of exercise cannot be overstated. From a cleanser’s point of view exercise stimulates the detoxification pathways of the body through circulation, respiration, perspiration, lymphatic drainage, and the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Yoga and walking are excellent choices of exercise while cleansing.
  • Enemas: Many people feel that enemas are essential for a good  cleanse. They help remove old waste from the colon. They also stimulate peristalsis. If you have never done an enema, rest assured it is not difficult. Buy a regular water enema bag and follow the instructions. Do not use a pre-mix enema solution.
  • Colonics: A colonic is a professionally administered hydration and  flushing of the colon and large intestine. It is more thorough than an  enema. Many people feel that colonics help them get rid of waste that they  were unable to expel otherwise.
  • Pranayama Breathing Exercises:O2 in, CO2 out! Deep breathing gets rid of stale air in the lungs and refreshes the body and spirit with new energy.
  • Sauna and Skin Brushing: The skin is the largest eliminative organ of  the body. Both sauna and skin brushing help slough off old skin and  open the pores as detox pathways.
  • Meditation:Many cleansers find that the process of cleansing refines the senses and settles energy. Cleansing time can be a good time to initiate or re-establish a meditative practice in one’s life.
  • Life Review:This is a perfect time to review what is nourishing you and what might be robbing your energy.
  • Sleep:Sleep is rejuvenation time for your body/mind/spirit. You may find that you need more  sleep than usual as you cleanse as many things are going to be releasing on all levels. If you can give yourself this gift, it  will aid your cleanse and renew vitality.

Basic Phases of a 4-week cleanse. Actual plan will vary.

Phase I:

Avoid all substances listed in the “Toxins” list for a week.  Take two weeks for this is you need to wean yourself off harder chemicals like coffee, alcohol, white sugar and other substances.

If you are not already on a Whole Foods Diet (not eating packaged/processed food) do this for a full week. During this week, you will also work on your Creating Your Own Mythology Workbook as well as have your astrology reading. We will meet by phone or skype at the end of week 1 to discuss your goals, any questions you may have, and come up with a basic idea of where you want to go with this.

Phase II:

Juice for at least 1 meal a day.  Preferably morning or noon time.  Juicing will not be for everyone and depends upon your constitution and goals. Have a snack that is suitable for your goals around 2 or 3 and your dinner around 6 or 7.  The dinner should consist of Whole Foods in right proportions for your goals and your personal constitution.  Be done with eating at least 3 hours before sleep.

Do this for a week. Remember to log your activity and consumption in the shared google drive.

Phase III:

Continue phase II and juice for 2 meals.  If you are training or have a strenuous life, make raw nut milk.  Add equal parts raw nut milk to your juice. Drink this for the meal that is fueling your activity.  End this week with 3 days of a juice feast.  Juice feasting is making as much juice as you want and only consuming juice.  Apples and ginger juice is very cleansing to the digestive organs.  Not everyone will do juice feasting. During this phase, you may do a mono-diet of kitcheree or something else that is challenging you and your eating habits. Remember to log in the shared google drive.

To make raw nut milk:

Choose what type of nut you will use. Almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts (my favorite) or another nut of your choice.  I have used these three and know they all work well.  Almonds need to be soaked for about 12 hours, need more straining and generate a lot of pulp which I always feel the need to find something to do with.  High maintenance for me. Brazil nuts generate no pulp, no soaking, and the milk is the most delicious!

Take 1 handful of nuts

Place in a blender

2 cups of water in the blender

Add a date or 2 or 3 if you like it real sweet (take the seed out)

Add a tsp of Vanilla extract or another flavor (this is optional)

Add a tiny pinch of sea salt

Blend away until the milk is milky

Add more water to get the milk to a texture that you love

Stain with a cheesecloth if you need to

Phase IV:

This week start adding in the highest most nutrient dense foods that are specific to your goals.  Using the Ayurveda constitutional theory is the best way (my opinion) to get as close to your natural dietary needs.  You decide whether juicing is still part of your day.  We will set up a routine that is sustainable for you.

Daily routine for cleanse:

First thing in the morning:

~Oil Pulling-

~Dry Brushing-

~Shower with chemical free soap-

~First thing that goes into your belly is 8-10 oz warm water with ¼-1/2 lemon squeezed into it.-

How to make Ginger, Lemon, Honey drink:

~Do at least 20 minutes of the Kundalini Yoga DVD or Breathing Exercises.

Here’s a great video, action starts around 5 minutes in:

My youtube video playlist for Kundalini Yoga:

~Make a green drink juice.

~Wait at least 30 minutes for the phytochemicals and living goodness of the juice to do its work in your system before adding anything else to your belly.

During the day:

~Have as much green juice as you want throughout your day.  You can add 1 piece of fruit or 2 hands full of grapes to cut the possible bitter taste from your juice.

~Eat foods from the lists that are in accordance to what you are working on.

In the evening:

~Have green juice!  If you have problems sleeping, have the juice 2-3 hours before bed.  The juice is alive (and may cause you to have to get up to urinate) and may excite your system.

~Have the colon cleanse formula

~Create a night routine that is soothing and calming as a close to your day.

Do-it-Yourself Supplement-Based Colon Cleanse- 

Do this for at least 2 weeks

You can use the following simple home remedy for colon cleansing, called the Ivy Briggs Colon Cleansing Formula.

  • 1/2 cup organic, unfiltered (preferably raw or unpasteurized) apple juice – if you cannot find raw apple juice, then pasteurized is acceptable if you add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons chlorophyll
  • 2 tablespoons aloe vera juice – make sure you get juice, not drink. Aloe vera drink is mainly water.
  • 1 heaping Tablespoon psyllium husk powder (preferably unflavored)

Each evening, drink the colon cleansing formula – drink immediately after mixing, as the psyllium will tend to harden up. Also, you will likely have psyllium residue on the glass after drinking it. Refill the glass with water to wash down the residue and drink it. Drink the Ivy Briggs Colon Cleansing Formula every day for about 30-60 days.

Now that you have weaned yourself off caffeine, sugar, nicotine and chemicals, you’ll want to control them rather thantheyare controlling you. Once these “habits” are broken they can be added by CHOICE, when and if you want to.

Each cleanser will have their own unique combination of recommendations that will be given with consideration to their unique goals and constitution.

Follow the basic guidelines as closely as possible while honoring always what feels best for you.  You will always know what is best and this set of guidelines are just a tool to get started.  Many of the techniques are things that I use regularly in daily life and have found to be highly beneficial.

For more recommendations on deeper/more aggressive cleansing, more guidance on yoga techniques or specific things you are working with, set up a private session with me.

I have set up the Transformation program to assist you in being a more radiant version of yourself through specific yoga techniques, meditations, and a lot of practical adjustments for your lifestyle and nutrition choices.


This program is setup to help you unlock your own inner genius and achieve results you could never even imagine possible.


Getting Started:

  • Start to document your daily activity and consumptions.
  • Fill out an intake form.
  • Ayurveda assessments.
  • Start a live google (or another program) document where we can interact frequently.
  • Send me your birthdate, time and city you were born in.


You will get 3 professional astrology readings on video. These readings will give you clues about gifts/talents that may have not been accessed and habits/addictions that could be worked with. We will have 1 live meeting via phone or skype at the end of the first week. Here, we will do a live consultation to discuss your assessments, goals, dreams, and vision for your ideal outcome.

Each week has a theme you will be focusing on and a morning cleansing routine will be constant throughout the program.

This program is very interactive and requires you to put your wellness as a #1 priority for at least 1 month of your life.

The dietary changes you make will be specific to you and your goals but you may be doing a juice cleanse so having a juicer is helpful.

Your results will vary to the extent that you engage with your journey. This program is meant to inspire radical transformation in your life. If you wish to continue life as you know it, I recommend avoiding this or any of the intensive trainings I offer..

It may be uncomfortable at times both physically and mentally. This program will challenge your beliefs, habits, and ask you to change what you have into what you want. It is designed to get you to dig deep into your core beliefs, change thought patterns, change eating and lifestyle habits, and give you skills to consciously create the life you want. There are no magic pills or potions that will do the work for you. Although, I will share ancient secrets for radiant health and beauty with the use of plants and potions as tools.

Before officially starting this program, take some time to fill out the following forms and write down your answers and goals in a new journal. The new journal will be significant in this process for more reasons than I can say. You will discover things about yourself that have never been documented and no amount of self-help workshops, lectures, or books will ever compare to what you discover about yourself. You don’t need much in the way of materials for this program, but a nice writing utensil and a special journal are crucial. This quiz is to find out your constitutional make-up per Ayurveda. The Ayurveda model is one of my favorite for the nutrition and lifestyle adaptations. Get the pdf file that they offer at the end of your quiz and write your results here or in your journal:

From what you know about yourself and what you know about the elements of earth, water, fire, and air, what is the correspondence from learning about your dosha constitution?

Fill out this intake form to help you get a solid idea of where you are with your health and where you want to be.

Write a list about all the things that are right with you. This list can be as short or as long as you want. You can start by writing what you think others would say about you, but don’t limit yourself to this.

Complete the exercises in the Creating Your Own Mythology Workbook. Answer the questions as honestly as possible. No one else ever has to see this.  You can even burn it at the end if you’d like. If you want to share this with me or anyone else, that is also welcomed. Some people feel a sense of release by sharing and there is a huge feeling of being seen, understood, and accepted. For other people, it is empowering to have this kept secret while getting it out on paper. It is totally up to you to decide.

If you are signed up in the Transformation Package, be sure to send me:

  • The pdf from your results
  • Your intake form with birthtime, date and city in which you were born so I can get your first astrology video to you and begin to form an outline for our work together.
  • Any questions specific to the CYOM Workbook.

At the new moon, the sun and moon are at the same spot in the sky and it is the best time for new beginnings. The farmer’s almanac has been used for centuries to assist farmers in growing crops per the sun/moon angles and seasons. I am confident that using the sacred timings helps grow what you are growing within.

Technique for changing a belief:

Suspension of disbelief is a tactic used by authors, screenwriters, painters, musicians, magicians and other artists. This is used to allow the audience to feel the art. The feeling invoked makes you believe (even momentarily) whatever it is the mind is focused on. Practice letting go. Surrender. You may feel resistance to what you are implementing into your life. Working with this or other techniques helps make change easier.

Your Magic Success Equation

Think of your desire. Write out your desire and a few keywords that will help you to embody the energy of what you desire to create, transform, or call into being.

Release: Let go, surrender. Let your guard down. Holding tension blocks the flow of energy in and around you.

Connect: Unite. Connecting to the Universe, Deity, One, or whatever you consider to be the source of all life.

Conceive: Visualize your desire in its fruition.

Accept: Welcome success and any correspondence that your success carries with it.

Know: I know. Bring that feeling of certainty to your body and mind that your desire is alive and one with you.

Believe: Invoke the feeling of belief. We believe many things that are detrimental to our success. By creating beliefs that we are consciously choosing, our outdated beliefs begin to fall away. This is magic that you create.

This technique becomes more powerful with practice. Also, if you can do something with your body while doing the visualization (drumming, singing, dancing, drawing,) you will imprint the technique onto your body/mind. Do this visualization as often as you can remember to do it in a day. By the end of the week, you will have mastered this process and will not have to think much to get into the state of activating your magic




Anjani Siegrist, LMT, E/RYT-500, YACEP: Anjani has been practicing the healing arts professionally for over 17 years yet self-healing and wellness have been a lifelong journey for Anjani. After honorable discharge from the US Navy, Anjani completed her bachelor’s degree, 1000 hours of bodywork training and moved to East Asia for 2 years where she studied with masters in Reiki, Ayurveda, Yoga, and Thai Massage. Her work is a powerful synthesis of Ayurveda, Astrology, Shamanic Journeying, Yoga Philosophy, Psychosomatic Bodywork and practical alchemy. Her intention in doing this work is to assist you in unlocking your hidden potential and ignite personal magnetism so you can create from the deep well of your own magic. When you individually awaken to your true potentially, the world around you can’t help but do the same.


“If God wished to hide, God would choose man to hide in. That is the last place man would look for God. The trouble with the masses is that they are trying to become something that is already right within. We are seeking and searching everywhere outside ourselves for God, attending countless lectures, meetings, groups, reading innumerable books, looking to teachers and leaders when all the time, God is right within. If mankind will let go of trying and accept that they are, they will soon be perfectly aware of the reality.” The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East.