Our nervous systems and the Earth’s are one. The minerals in the Earth are the same as our body and they are in need of care. Take the time to consider the small changes that make a big difference for us all. The way we care for our body is a reflection of how we care for the earth. We need to recognize that there is no separation.

There is a lot of fine-tuning that goes into customizing your individual health care routine, but there are some basic things you can implement today that will make life better for everyone.

Here’s my short list of health tricks for 2019:

-Eat actual nutrition: Eat lots of produce grown on organic farms, in your community gardens, or that you’ve grown yourself. There are so many minerals and vitamins that your body needs that are best taken directly from the dirt. I recommend taking this online Ayurveda assessment to find out more about your constitutional make-up which will help you pick foods that are going to provide energy. Just because wheat, eggs, dairy, meat, night-shades, etc. are bad for some people doesn’t mean they are bad for all people. The way foods are grown and processed makes a huge impact, so be sure to invest in good things. By investing in good things, you stop sourcing companies that are abusing the earth-your-body.

-Get multi-use everything: Shopping bags, straws, hot beverage cups, water bottles, cutlery, containers for carry-out, and everything! There is no more time to waste on plastic and one-use items. And, yes, this will improve the health of the earth-your-body which directly affects your health.

-Sleep: Sleep is rejuvenation time for every organ of your body. Dreams that you have in sleep can heal your psyche and improve your waking reality. Give yourself the gift of sleep and it will renew your vitality. Trick: Make your sleeping quarters as comfortable as it can be. Remove anything in the space that is messing up your good-sleep-vibes. T.V. is long gone and so are the devices left charging. Take them all out and into another room. End goal: Your body’s sleep/wake rhythm is on-point. You wake up without an alarm clock, feeling well rested and excited about your day. Healthy trick: Here’s a video for working with dreams.

-Exercise: The value of exercise cannot be overstated. It stimulates the detoxification pathways of the body through circulation, respiration, perspiration, lymphatic drainage, and the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Trick: I do yard and housework in between sprints and lifting sets at home. Being productive and getting sweaty is really fun and you can exercise for free anytime!

-Pranayama Breathing Exercises: O2 in, CO2 out! Deep breathing gets rid of stale air in the lungs and refreshes the body and spirit with new energy. Trick: As you inhale, imagine cool air entering in the nose, filling up and expanding the pelvic bowl and then the rib cage. As you exhale, imagine that air squeezing out of the pelvis, out of the contracting rib cage, and leaving a slight vacuum sensation in its place. See how slowly you can let this process be.

-Dry Skin Brushing: The skin is the largest eliminative organ of the body. Skin brushing helps slough off old skin and open the pores as detox pathways, plus it makes your skin soft and glowy. It also stimulates the lymphatic system which improves overall health. Trick: First thing in the morning, put a little oil in your mouth for oil-pulling, get naked, dry brush. It is fun and sounds like jazz music!

-Coffee Enemas: Do not use any pre-mix enema solutions. Whatever you ingest by rectum goes straight to your blood stream and needs to be time-tested and approved. The Gerson Institute has been healing cancer for decades and I personally recommend their nutritional healing protocol since using it to heal myself in 2018. https://gerson.org/gerpress/coffee-enema-8-things-you-need-to-know/

-Meditation: Meditation refines the senses and settles your energy. Initiate or re-establish a meditative practice to strengthen your mind, body, spirit connection. Trick: Anything you do can be meditative by bringing full awareness to what you are doing. The sharper your mind becomes through regularly focusing on one thing at a time, the better you get at everything, and I do mean everything. No more mental multi-tasking.

Some things you can implement today that will improve your health a lot:

First thing in the morning:

-Oil Pulling-

-Dry Brushing-

-Shower with chemical free soap-
-Homemade skin care product-

-Drink warm lime or lemon, ginger, honey first thing in the morning-

-Do at least 20 minutes of breathing (pranayama) or meditation practice.

Commit for 30 days to doing as many things on this list as feels right for you. Take before and after pictures and tell me how you feel after!


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