day 4: Vahnivasini: Nitya of Fire
Om Vahnivasiniyai Namaha
Sun: 9 Aquarius
Moon: 2 Aries, 53 degrees from Sun, Waxing Crescent Moon
Inner Moon: transition between bleeding and follicular/proliferation
Moon Vibes:
Individuality. Going extreme, leaping out, feeling a strong desire for manifesting those new Moon intentions. Feeling an extreme sense of hunger for our mission and divine guidance. Developing awareness of spiritual and sexual identity. This phase relates with Imbolc/Candlemas. In tantra yoga, this is somachara, descending course of Moon, in-breath (prana-vayu) from crown to the third-eye, relates with last quarter of daylight and the element is air. In the hero’s journey this phase is where we are feeling our desires, sensing into the intentions and meet a mentor in human, plant, animal or other than human form. In the menstrual cycle, this phase is transitional including bleeding and the building up of the uterine nest in the follicular/proliferation phase. Use clean, easy to digest food.

  • Moon in Aries corresponds with head, arteries, gums.
  • Waxing phases are for growth, increasing, building up.
  • Thinking of Aries’s assertive nature and waxing Moon, where do you want to direct your energy today and tomorrow? Consider also the Chiron aspect with Moon.

Moon exact Chiron in ♈Aries today. Tupac has Moon/Chiron conjunction in Aries. It’s like being a wounded warrior and fighting for and protecting your community. Midwife, bouncer, warrior. Fighting for our cause because we feel the injustice. We’re fiercely committed to standing up for those can’t and will use all means to do so. This can also be debilitating if we aren’t well equip with emotional energy practices. Chiron is your deepest mortal wounds and the medicine earned through sitting with yourself in your wholeness. Moon transiting Chiron will bring opportunity to feel and whole (heal.)

Nutrition suggestion:

OIL PULLING at least while Moon is in Aries. Have some Aries-like plants like nettles tea, blackberries, or other thorny, sharp plants. Use discretion about whether you need to cool excess heat or channel that heat into your projects.


Call in sacred space, reestablish boundaries, give thanks. Face east, the portal of waxing, rising, increasing energy. Sit for between 2 – 24 minutes facing east with a neutral, meditative mind. Ask to receive guidance from east. The best hours for this are between 4-10 am, but anytime will work fine. When you are finished, close sacred space and give thanks.

Astrology info to consider:

Venus/Neptune square with Mars: infusing Neptune’s power of infinite love and waves of psychedelic energy to our inner feminine/masculine creating seamless integrity of sexual polarity. ♀️♂️

Menstruation cycle and Moon:

What phase of your inner Moon cycle are you in? What hormones are most prominent? How does this relate with outer Moon? Remember, they do not need to match or get along. Read more about the correspondences here.


Build a dream altar. It can be a big empty bowl where you dedicate space to hold tonight’s dream images. You can include anything that serves as an invitation or reminder that you care about dreams and want to engage with them. Your dream-self will be strengthened through this altar. Watch this video about dreaming.


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