Celestial Reiki-Infused Prayer Beads

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Handcrafted Prayer Beads Infused with Venus, Neptune, and Cancer Sun Energy

Discover the transformative power of our handcrafted prayer beads, designed for deep meditation and spiritual connection. These exquisite meditation malas are meticulously crafted with the celestial energies of Venus, Neptune, and the Sun in Cancer during summer solstice. Each bead is thoughtfully tied with Reiki energy, infusing planetary love and healing into every knot.

Key Features:

  • Celestial Infusion: Harness the harmonious energies of Venus for love and beauty, Neptune for intuition and dreams, and Cancer Sun energy for nurturing your emotional currency and primordial balance.
  • Reiki Charged: Every knot is infused with Reiki, enhancing the spiritual connection and healing properties of the beads.
  • Handcrafted Quality: Expertly crafted to ensure durability and comfort during your meditation sessions.
  • Summer Solstice Energy: Created during the summer solstice, capturing the peak of Cancer Sun’s nurturing and protective power.

Perfect for meditation, prayer, or as a purpose filled gift, our prayer beads are more than just a spiritual tool; they are a bridge to higher consciousness and inner peace. Embrace the planetary love and elevate your spiritual practice with our unique meditation malas.

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