Lalita day 8: Kulasundari: Nitya of Inner-Knowing

Om Kulasundariyai Namaha

Sun:  7 Cancer
Moon: 12 Libra, 95 degrees from Sun, First Quarter Moon
Inner Moon: days 8-14, follicular/proliferation

Moon Vibes:

The warrior experiencing tension between self and group. Concerned with justice in the organizations and groups. Relates with vernal equinox and Ostara/Easter. In tantra yoga, this is the descending in-breath (prana-vayu) from third-eye to the soft palate, relates with midday and the element is fire. In the hero’s journey, we are taking inspired action, feeling tension and resistance in group efforts, wanting to differentiate. Feeling strong and empowered to cross initiation threshold. Blazing new trails which could become new systems for society. First quarter Moon relates with follicular and proliferation hormones, building up of estrogen, uterine walls thickening, eggs maturing. This phase of lunar cycle can be powerful and exciting. Use it for courtship, dates night, seduction, and rituals that focus on building and growing. Use foods that nurture and support. Warm and comforting foods like root vegetables and curry spices.


Moon in Libra corresponds with kidneys. Kidney function is a balance of yin and yang. Read here to learn more. Here is a recipe to nourish your kidneys. If you are a kidney patient, ask your doctor before using nettles.


  • 2 TBLS rosehips, simmered until soft.
  • Handful of nettle leaf in a quart size mason jar.
  • Let rosehips cool a little.
  • Combine rosehips simmer water to nettles jar.
  • Let infuse between 1-8 hours.
  • Sweeten with date syrup.


Nourish kidneys with black or dark foods like black sesame seeds, black walnuts and black beans. Also seaweeds.


Half Moon in Libra, we begin to feel more fullness and illumination around our new moon seeds.  Libra turns I into we, Libra specializes in the wisdom and healing of interconnectedness.  With this wisdom we can recognize that the health and well being of our selves is directed reflected in the health and well being of our relationships.  Tonight tend to yourself as a way to honor the health of your relationships.

  • Begin by creating sacred space, call in the harmonizing energy of Libra and calling on your spirit guides to support and co-create sacred space with you
  • Practice your ritual in a comfy and beautiful space tonight, adorn yourself in what makes your feel sensual and beautiful.
  • In your journal reflect on the events of your day, focus on the interactions you had with others and how they made you feel.  When did you feel loved today?  When did you feel cooperative? When did you feel seen?  Maybe you didn’t feel these things today and that okay too.  Reflect on how you might be able to make shifts or changes so that you are in a position where you feel these things.
  • Are you open to receive the love and support others are offering you? The best place to start is within yourself.  Receive the love you have for yourself.  Treat yourself lovingly tonight, make your self a cup of tea as if you are making tea for your beloved.  Tell yourself “I love you” and really allow the words to sink in.  Open yourself to receive event the smallest note of love and gratitude from another and watch what unfolds tonight and over the next day.
  • Conclude in gratitude.


  • Do your nightly routines for cleansing and closure.
  • Write the date and dream incubation if you have something you want to address in dreams.
  • Practice tracking events of your day from now backwards.

Allow your body to completely relaxed in a dark room is dark and you are not too tired.


  • Rub your hands together and lightly cup them over your closed eyes.
  • Relax your mind while holding a thread of awareness.
  • When thoughts arise, notice but do not engage them.


Shapes and colors will start to appear behind your closed eyes. Using the thread of awareness you’re holding, engage with the images. Decide what you want to see and start shifting the images into that. My hypnagogia starts off random and blob-like then slowly turns into refined geometric shapes. I imagine seeing triangles and the images shift into triangles. Keep shifting the images until your dreaming mind steps in. This technique is called WILD, wake induced lucid dreaming. You essentially dream yourself to sleep. The more you practice, the more lucid your experience of life become. Both in dreaming and waking reality. The point of all this is to increase your awareness and mastery of your mind.

Watch this video about dreaming.

Menstruation cycle and Moon:
What phase of your inner Moon cycle are you in? What hormones are most prominent? How does this relate with outer Moon’s follicular/proliferation phase? Remember, your cycle and Moon cycle do not need to match. Read more about the correspondences here.

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