Lalita day 11: Vijaya: Nitya of Victory

Om Vijayayai Namaha

Sun: 10 Cancer
Moon: 24 Scorpio, 134 degrees from Sun, Waxing Gibbous Moon
Inner Moon: transition between proliferation and ovulation

Moon Vibes:

The lover in ecstatic union with the beloved and the creator in sync with their audience. This phase relates to Beltane, spring equinox. Heightened senses, pleasure, amusement. In tantra yoga, this is the descending in-breath from soft palette to the throat, represents the first quarter of daylight and the element is water. In the hero’s journey, this is where we are facing fears, doubts, and uncertainties. We get an opportunity to show what we know through the trails and tests that are occurring now. In the menstrual cycle, waxing gibbous is a transition phase between the building up of the uterine nest and the high of ovulation. Use warm comfort foods and root vegetables.



Moon in Scorpio Sagittarius:

Moon leaving Scorpio this evening entering Sagittarius where we take direct actions towards what we unburied, felt and integrated during Scorpio Moon.

Astrology info to consider:

Mars and Chiron traveling within a few degrees of each other in Aries the rest of this year has the potential to be assertive in healing primal wounds of separation. Allow space for this healing to happen, as aggressive and warrior like as it may feel. We are learning a new masculinity that’s inclusive of all the wounds, pain, frustration and shame. When we include these as part of the whole, we more easily activate our medicine and become more powerful.

Mercury rx and Sun one degree close today, cognition and perception of things below conciousness are being illuminated, likely in the context of empathy, nurturing, and how we parent ourselves and others.

Vesta with Sun, Sacred Work is seen as invaluable and sought out. People realizing the need for ritual, ceremony and kindling for divine fire. Vesta is a major figure in our upcoming full Moon.

Pluto/Jupiter rx, revelations and miracles. Are you touching down with your roots? This is the path to reaches the leaves of highest branches.


Moon in expansive Sagittarius tonight and Sun joining Mercury Rx in nurturing Cancer.  Zoom out your awareness to the biggest picture possible and look for patterns that illuminate Truth and feel into your personal philosophy.

  • Create sacred space where you will not be disturbed, as Moon is growing towards full you may want to step outside for tonights ritual and enjoy Moonlight.  Call in the expansive, truth seeking wisdom of Sagittarius and call on your Spirit guides to support you her.
  • Begin feeling your body outline allowing all awareness to arrive within
  • Perceive your immediate environment, embracing the elements around you with your awareness.
  • Expand your awareness to perceive your greater community, take time here to be present with the collective feeling of your community
  • Expand your awareness again this time to perceive the whole planet and all beings and elements here, feeling yourself firmly seated and grounded on this planet. 
  • Expand your awareness to perceive the whole universe, now seeing earth as a blue dot and a part of the whole swirling cosmos, in this vast expansive awareness open to receiving wisdom.
  • From this place of expanded awareness reflect in your journal…
    • Mercury Rx check in:
      • What is up for you around your cognition, perception, and communication?
      • What is cycling back into your awareness that you were feeling or thinking about back in Pisces season?
    • Cancer Season check in:
      • What has been most nurturing to you this past week?
      • How have you been creating the feeling of home this past week?
      • Who have you been feeling inclined to take care of recently?  Do you feel taken care of by this person/these people equally?

Conclude in gratitude.  Send heart felt notes of gratitude to Moon and your Spirit guides, wrap your self up in a self-loving hug and feel gratitude for your own essence and your own path.  Go on with your night nurturing your self with extra love.  



Watch this video about dreaming.

Menstruation cycle and Moon:
What phase of your inner Moon cycle are you in? What hormones are most prominent? How does this relate with outer Moon’s transition between proliferation and ovulation phase? Remember, your cycle and Moon cycle do not need to match. Read more about the correspondences here.

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