Everyone has innate talents, gifts, and programming just by virtue of being born. Using the imagery of the south node and the Moon, we can begin to communicate with and understand more about those innate talents, gifts and programs. We excel at these things and don’t have to work or try very hard in this area but can also become addicted to doing life from this skill set. In contrast, we all have something that we came to Earth school to learn about and become the master of. If you stay solely identified with your “Moon things,” you won’t be on your growth edge. You may be comfortable for a while, but at some point, we all must progress towards another aspect of existence.

In order to know what mystery school your south and north node are assigned to, you need to know your birth time. The lunar nodal axis of the Moon will be in the same sign throughout the entirety of a year while changing house positions frequently throughout the day. Knowing the exact time also help to clarify what was on the horizon in the sky the moment you were born. This is known as the Ascendant or rising sign. By looking at the rising sign and the north node, we can start to explore new and progressive areas of life, specific to where you are going with respect to where you have been; from the context of the south node and Moon.

If you do not know your exact birth time, you can use the following pages to explore possibilities of what your rising sign may be. The rising sign is something that is extra challenging for you, shows up in relationships, and is your growth edge or learning curve in life. It is what you came to Earth school to learn and become the master of. Typically, what you most love and reject in others is related to your rising sign.

The rising sign is always in the 1st house and is the investigation into, “Who am I?” In the 7th house we investigate, “Who are you?” This polarity is known as the relationship axis and gives clues about your bottom line for relationship with a beloved. There are six different pathways for relationship although our current societal structure only recognizes two or three of them. Discovery of your rising sign simultaneously brings more clarity around your love life.

Read through the list with an open mind and heart. Don’t think too much into it and practice listening to your body’s reaction to the information. You may resonate with many of the signs because after all, you are a little of all of them in various combinations. But the one that hits with a bigger visceral response is more likely to be your rising sign.

-Aries Rising:

Learning to master the warrior archetype and having a worthy cause to committed to and fiercely protect.

Oscillates between being too direct or “mean” and people pleasing with lots of fight/fire in interactions with people.

Annoyed by: Angry people, sassiness, fast talkers, activists, weaklings, sheep, followers.

Most impressed by: Physical strength and longevity. Political power. Successful carriers of a cause. Professional athletes.

Attracts: Attorney types with mediation mentality. People who listen well and validate everyone’s opinion. People who are interested in conscious, co-creative relationships between groups of people, small and large. People who are married or who have a desire for marriage. People who are clingy, needy, worrisome and seem to lack personal will or ideas outside of their closest relationship.

Challenges: Heartburn, inflammation, anger and heat related issues, liver health. Quick tempered, lots of combative energy and arguing with people as a usual form of communication.

-Taurus Rising:

Learning to master Epicureanism and appreciation of Earthly abundance, luxury and pleasurable experiences.

Oscillates between gluttony/having too much sex, food, drugs, and austerity/complete denial of bodily comfort and pleasure.

Annoyed by: People who seem to have things given to them without having to work steadily to earn or “deserve” them. Overindulgence, laziness, and inertia. People with expensive taste and fancy things. Also annoyed by people who misuse their body in harmful and unhealthy ways.

Most impressed by: Worldly success, riches and abundance in all forms.

Attracts: People with intense and colorful emotional life. Risk-takers, edge walkers and those who are intensely interested and motivated by sensual experiences.

Challenges: Heaviness, weight gain, taking more than what is needed. Water retention, puffiness under eyes, kidney health, stubbornness, afraid of and longing for intimacy at the same time.

-Gemini Rising:

Learning to master free creative expression and wants to know about everything to have a broader range of creative expression.

Oscillates between fun freedom to chaos and confusion.

Annoyed by: ignorance, lack of creativity, boring people, rule followers, travelling wanderers, street people and those who “just want to have fun.”

Most impressed by: Well-travelled, intelligent, creative artists, and those who live in truth and self-realized freedom.

Attracts: Intelligent and well-traveled explorer types who have a desire to experience and know as much as possible.

Challenges: Dizziness, anxiety, lost feeling, confusion, lack of structure and/or physical home, starving artist archetype.

-Cancer Rising:

Learning to master nurturing and care for progeny, whether children or projects.

Oscillates between smothering it’s progeny or not being able to let go when it’s time to. Can over care for others or not at all. Often forgets to care for those that are not in direct relationship with them.

Annoyed by: Mother/Father archetypes and can have unrealistically high standards for parents or project managers.

Impressed by: Good cooking, sweetness, caring for others, nice home, abundant garden or cooking supplies.

Attracts: the provider, stable partner, getting shit done kind of person who brings home the bacon and sets the structure for home and the future.

Challenges: Upper respiratory and lung health, depression, attachment, sticky emotions, phlegm, lives out a whole relationship in the mind and decides whether it was good or not before anything ever happened. Crabby.

-Leo Rising:

Learning to master self-love, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency.

Oscillates between self-loathing/self-hate and narcissistic tendencies or unwavering self-importance.

Annoyed by: Show-offs, ball-hogs, attention getters, people who stand out.

Impressed by: People who stand out. Fancy people with confidence and style. Royalty. Kings and Queens who are well dressed and put together.

Attracts: Big perspective, visionary types. People who are eclectic, intelligent and open to broad topics. Innovative, cool, in-their-head kind of people.

Challenges: Knowing the difference between arrogance and self-love. Being able to know self-worthiness while admitting that other people are also worthy. Can feel suicidal and fabulous in the same day. Unworthiness and feeling lack-luster. Dull and dead inside.

-Virgo Rising:

Learning to master the patterns of life and their sacred work.

Oscillates between balance with all things in their life and not knowing where or what they are doing with their life.

Annoyed by: Everything that is not in line with the pattern. People who do things for self-pleasure or personal gains. Unhealthy, sloppy people.

Impressed by: Selfless service, environmental workers, peace corps, cool, calm, and collected organization.

Attracts: Self-less service-oriented people. Universally loving, compassionate, healer archetypes, who are sensitive, empathic and/or psychic. Addiction prone lovers.

Challenges: Very hard on themselves, self-critical, overworking, emotionally insensitive, detached, headaches, body pain, low blood-sugar or other pancreas related health concerns.

-Libra Rising:

Learning to master the realm of conscious, co-creative relationships between lovers, friends, business and all community.

Oscillates between solely focusing on the other and avoiding or not having any “other” around.

Annoyed by: Politics that are not liberal, injustice, bad relationships, way too perfect couples, unfair relationships, mean people.

Impressed by: Political correctness, liberals, those committed to relationships, lawyers, freedom fighters, military and all other protector types.

Attracts: Warrior, dominate types who are direct and sharp. Action-oriented, athletic, can be jealous and possessive.

Challenges: Overly concerned with everyone else that they forget to consider themselves. Lack of self-care. Depression, feeling isolated. They cater to people so well and it hurts when it is not returned or noticed.

-Scorpio Rising:

Learning to master energy in the body, strong emotional energy.

Oscillates between being drained by others and draining others. Feeling fully alive and exhilarated or depressed and hidden.

Annoyed by: Energetically dominant people or those who are energy vampires. Also, people who fear the dark, scared to take risks, or just wimpy and scared in general.

Impressed by: Power, money, raw talent, and people who are energetically powerful. Intensity that seems infinite, little dangerous without getting in trouble and sex appeal also are impressive to Scorpio rising.

Attracts: Sensual bodied people who adore luxury and take care of themselves. Abundance of earthly pleasures, nice things and those who are physically delicious. Self-sustained, not needy, strong in body and mind.

Challenges: Not being able to handle the intensity of emotions; theirs and others. Liver health. Internalized emotional energy. Lack of trust in people. Energy vampirism; being drained and being draining to others. Not knowing how to source their own energy. Pushing the limits too far into pain and even death. Dark and heaviness.

-Sagittarius Rising:

Learning to master truth and evolution of consciousness. Life is a quest for expanding the boundaries of consciousness.

Oscillates between traveling too much and feeling trapped or caged in. The traveling can be physical or mental by taking courses or studying.

Annoyed by: Stagnant and routine-oriented people who seem to lack interest in learning new things or moving their station in life. Closed- or small-minded people who lack experience in other areas of life.

Impressed by: Other life questers who are living to learn and learning to live in ever evolving ways. Those who travel for a living, great philosophers, motivational speakers who encourage growth and evolution.

Attracts: Here today, gone tomorrow, creative muse type of people. Quick witted, airy, trickster, mischievous, coyote cats who know all the jeopardy questions. Attracted to those who know lots of random information.

Challenges: Adrenal fatigue, burnout, exhaustion, feeling lifeless if they aren’t traveling or studying.

-Capricorn Rising:

Learning to master physical matter, structure, formation, and being the boss or the elder.

Oscillates between being a dictator and wanting someone else to tell them what to do.

Annoyed by: Strict rules and schedules, unless they made them. People who don’t have structure or schedules. Anyone who tells them what to do. Bossy people really get their goat.

Impressed by: Strong leaders. People who “have their shit together” and “good head on their shoulders.” They love the standard of stability.

Attracts: Home loving, nurturing, good “parent” kind of people. Not necessarily a parent to children, but someone who is taking care of progeny in one form or another. Full chested and abundant in love to give.

Challenges: Being a know-it-all, too bossy, feeling like everything around them will collapse if they are not directly managing it. Depression. Heaviness. Reproductive health.

-Aquarius Rising:

Learning to master cosmic consciousness while in a body. Fully integrating spirit with physical matter.

Oscillates between being light polarized/out of body and being confused or tripping on how to be a body, usually rendering them strange. They are either trying to fit in, or completely out there like Nikola Tesla and other brilliant minds.

Annoyed by: People who are emotional, attached to details, closed minded, or limited by physical matters. Also annoyed with people who are new age, airy fairy, or light polarized.

Impressed by: Genius people with great ideas. Brilliants minds. People who value intelligence, higher learning outside of school systems. They love innovative and technology driven devices and the people who create them.

Attracts: Radiant Kings/Queens often with narcissist tendencies. Those who are self-centered and concerned with looks and grandeur. Big energy field that naturally attracts attention and admiration of many.

Challenges: Personality distortions, quick and sudden changes in concepts of self and other, feeling ungrounded in the middle world reality. Thin, uncared for body. Anxiety and nervousness. Jittery. Excess air/wind symptoms. Lacking physical power and vitality.

-Pisces Rising

Learning to master universal love, empathy and compassion for all beings.

Oscillates between overly sentimental and caring for others and shutting the world out.

Annoyed by: Saviors, gurus, physical or energetic violation, escapists, addicts, and anything that manipulates universal love energy for harm or wrongdoing.

Impressed by: Universally loving and “good” people. Loves the Jesus/Buddha/Mother Teresa archetypes. Self-less servants of humanity.

Attracts: People who are committed to working as servants to humanity. Intense love and desire to save and help animals, children, and any helpless or endangered beings while also being emotionless and unattached to the feelings of others. Also attracted to those who have the capacity and detail orientation to make compassion into sacred work. They set up or work with organizations like habitat for humanity, peace corps, etc.

Challenges: Escapism, wounds that seem to never heal, addiction to drugs and alcohol, unable to differentiate between visions, dreams and reality. Challenges with feet. Deep emotional wounding that seems to never heal. Maceration of wounds. Continually wet, in every sense.


Once you have identified or narrowed down your possible rising sign, think back to relationships you’ve had with partners.

What attracted you?

How you did you feel initially getting to know this person?

What were the challenges?

What were the blessings or gifts from this union?

Why and how did it end?

Do you see a pattern that resonates with the rising sign you identified?

This is not meant to give you another thing to identify with, but rather a tool for gaining insight into unconscious patterns. It is so much easier to change a pattern once you realize what it is.

Relationship Axis in Astrology Video



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