The cup patiently holds empty space while longing to be filled. The cup sits, restful and attractive. Yet deeply yearns to be held in strong hands and embraced by eager lips of the thirsty.

The filler of the cup is decisive in knowing what to drink. Sometimes the drink is not available and the filler must journey through treacherous terrain to obtain the soul satisfying elixir. The filler boldly stands up to any obstacle to obtain the most suitable drink to fill the cup. The drink unifies the filler and the cup.

When approaching the cup, the filler shows respect knowing that it is a great honor to be in the presence of such a miraculous creation as a cup. The filler pauses for a moment to appreciate the cup’s power and beauty.

The filler makes penetrating eye contact and connects energetically with the cup. Lovingly embracing every curve and edge with simultaneous gratitude and desire. The cup is receptive with an alluring pressure that draws the filler forth.

With firm yet gentle hands, the filler holds and slowly fills the cup with the unifying elixir. The cup receives the drink with a softening grace. The filler presses the cup to lips, and slowly sips, remembering that this could be the last drink. The filler pays attention to every detail as the drink moves into its new space. From source, to cup, to filler, the elixir permeates all.

The filler knows to let the cosmic mixing of energy occur to completion, so continues to hold the cup even when the drinking is done. The cup’s space vortex is spinning magical webs of bliss that nestle into both filler and cup. Both are deeply nourished and loved.

The End.


How are you the cup?

How are you the drink?

How are you the filler?

How are you all simultaneously?

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