Ahamkara is the “I am” or ego state. This is the part of you that believes it is separate from the whole. Humans are given ego as part of the Divine Play for consciousness to know itself. Ego is the part of you that identifies with the senses, objects, and defines “you” in relation to the rest of reality.

Intuition arises from intelligence or Buddhi (higher knowledge) yet transcends logical thinking. Intuition passes through your ego, or the part of you that believes it is separate from the whole. When you have an intuition, an impression may arise in your perception through the senses or an inner knowing. There are little to no words with intuition. There is no argument, judgement, guilt or shame with intuition. Those things may arise from your “I am” or ego identification when you notice an intuitive hit.

how to know the difference between deep intuition and deep programming

Whether you call it a hunch, gut feeling, or intuition, there are ways to discern whether the information is deep programming or deep intuition. You will first need to form a relationship with your internal characters and get to know them for yourself. In my experience, the ego talks a lot more. The ego wants to keep me safe and has a lot of definition and boundaries. Often, there is a sense of fear and anxiety associated with the ego voice. This voice may drive a person to make the infamous “drunk dial” or leave a text message or email laden with blame, shame and victim speech.

Intuition speaks a unique language, which for me, is often in symbols. In a dreamlike state, I feel, sense, and often have imagery associated with intuitive information. When I am faced with a choice, I can sit somewhere quiet and get into a semi-meditative state and LISTEN. I do not expect information to come in any one way or another. I am open to receive even when that means nothing comes at all. I practice this constantly in my day to day life. When intuition does come, I honor her like a guest and LISTEN. When she speaks, it is as if God Herself is speaking to me. I practice a handful of discernment along with a pinch of logic in my decision-making strategy. From time to time, I do think-my-way-out of following intuition. This has proven to be disappointing to my expansion and evolution.

Next time you have a gut feeling about something, spend a little time questioning where it is coming from. If your internal dialogue starts to defend, judge or try to prove something, it is likely deep programming. If your internal dialogue remains quiet, peaceful and loving, it is likely your intuition.

integrating healthy ego and intuition into your life

LISTEN: Listening is an underused form of communication that is vital to growth. Practice listening. You can do that now. Pause your reading and close your eyes. What do you hear? Take a few moments to notice the sounds around and inside of you.

AWARENESS and CURIOSITY: Having awareness and curiosity are priceless gems in getting familiar with intuition and ego. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you can think to ask! In your asking, you will receive information and heighten your awareness.

JOURNAL: Keep a journal. This journal will be used to document your intuitive hits as well as the voice of your ego in day to day life. Using it to write down dreams can also get you in touch with your cosmic, unlimited self while connecting you deeply to intuition and healthy ego.

TRUST YOURSELF: When you doubt yourself, you further perpetuate past programming. On the other hand, trusting in yourself tells your subconscious mind that you are open to integration. This will encourage a flow from deeper layers of yourself to come to the surface. Trust yourself. Even if you end up being incorrect, your relationship with yourself will improve.

final thoughts

The ego is not bad and intuition good, or vice versa. There is no hierarchy. In the Divine Play of your existence they are both valid. All parts of yourself are welcome, necessary and worthy of your unconditional love and appreciation.

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