Pure consciousness merges with matrilineal descendants to create the embodied fractal that is me. DNA active. Chakras open. I am whole and complete. Ancestral wisdom pulsing through my veins. The breath of the One Breath breathes with me.

My flowing river of heart blood not separate from the divine rhythm of the Goddess. This river connects all daughters, mothers and grandmothers in an unending spiral of death and birth. My blood and sexual energy flow synchronistically as a vital messenger between the realms of life and death. 

Body-mind-energy releases to re-boot. I no longer feel the need to argue and second guess the innate wisdom of my body temple. My subtle energy and physical pathways are sanctified. Attachment to meanings I assigned to stories are cleansed by blood of the circle of grandmothers. There is pain and pleasure in surrendering to this ancient cycle.

I give thanks to my guides and teachers seen and unseen for grounding support on my evolutionary adventure. I honor and give thanks to the immense power in the flow of my blood.



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