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The Moon represents the way in which we heal, nurture and take care of ourselves. It is also known as the keeper of ancient wisdom of the soul. As a predominantly solar culture, our education has an emphasis on productivity, logic, and clear cut focal points of day-time reality. This has created an illiteracy of emotional intelligence for men and women. Temple of the Moon is your gateway into deeper exploration of your lunar nature.

In the Moon Magic Membership, you will receive daily astrology with emphasis on the Moon. Along with astrology, you will get nutrition ideas based in the wisdom of Ayurveda to nourish yourself. There will be contemplation and writing prompts to explore the tides of emotions, sensuality, dream reality and other mysteries of the night.

Within the first week of signing up for the Personalized Temple of the Moon Membership, you will receive your 1st reading where you will discover your monthly lunar birthday and how to use this in creativity. You’ll hear about the phase the Moon was in, what area of life most affected and how you can most effectively work with it. You’ll learn how to use this as a fertility point in your creation cycle and learn how to plan your life in accordance with the seasons. Every following month of membership, your readings will consist of key points in the lunar cycle as they relate to your personal astrology. This information will increase your creativity, fertility awareness whether male or female, and keep you in healthy connection with your inner world as it relates to the outer.


Moon Magic Temple of the Moon Membership -25

You will receive an email everyday with:

  • The exact Sun/Moon angle of the day.
  • Contemplations and writing prompts for working with emotions, intimacy, sexuality and other mysteries of the night.
  • Rituals for working with dreams.
  • Seasonal nutrition ideas for healthy inner tides.


Personalized Temple of the Moon Membership -97

  • Your personal Temple of the Moon and Lunar nodal axis astrology reading.
  • Lunar transit reading for every day of the cycle, after your first month of membership.
  • Moon journal with the phases of the entire monthly cycle.
  • Plus everything from Moon Magic.


Sign-up Bonus valued at $30

  • Tantra yoga meditation video for uniting Solar and Lunar energy with the breath. This video is a powerful tool using ancient wisdom of Shaiva tantra to move energy through the body and balance masculine/feminine energy. Practices taken from translations by Chris Tomkins and Christopher Wallis during my years of study with them.


*You can sign up for 3 months in advance for 257 at intro price


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