Soul Lineage and Life Purpose Astrology


Product Description

We are a culmination of everything that has ever and will ever exist. The astrological model will help you identify and remember parts of yourself and is a tool for introspection. You are creating bridges between opposing forces in your life. When the bridges are built, you have unity in heart-mind and feel free to dissolve the opposition. 

You get:

  • Lineage/Progression astrology reading in a private video. (Send your birth date, exact time, and city you were born in with your order)
  • Moon phase information.
  • Post astrology work self-care.


Soul Lineage and Life Purpose Workbook:

  • Structuralize your concepts of origin and destination for embodied consciousness.
  • Understand the astrological model of lineage and progressive aspects.
  • Get a new perspective on directional vantage points to focus your intentions for consciously creating your life.
  • Reclaim your lineage and honor your physical body’s roots.
  • Learn more about your life purpose and your inner authority.
  • Take practical steps to honoring your lineage and access your life purpose.
  • Learn how to download your natal chart.









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