Kali day 8: Ugraprabha: Nitya of Introspection

Om Ugraprabhayai Namaha

Sun:  24 Taurus
Moon: 25 Aquarius, 281 degrees from Sun, Last Quarter Moon
Inner Moon: days 22-28, Luteal

Moon Vibes:

The wise elder sensing the smell of ending and learning to gracefully let go and go home. Sense of longing. The bitter sweetness of knowing the necessity of ending and becoming acutely aware of death that permeates all of life. This phase relates with the autumnal equinox and Mabon. In tantra yoga, this is suryachara, ascending course of Sun with the out-breath moving upward from throat to soft palette. Relates with midday and the element is fire. In the hero’s journey, this is the phase is where we cross the return threshold. We feel freedom and courage to explore more of our humanity. In the menstrual cycle, this is luteal phase. Like the Luteal phase in inner Moon cycle, Balsamic Moon vibe is fierce, direct, got no time for BS. Get to the point. Be real. Show yourself. If pregnancy occurred, progesterone will remain high and increasing. If no pregnancy, it drops. We feel inflamed, irritated and things that need to change are made more than obvious and we have the energy to make necessary changes. Good time for moving or other big changes that require strength. If pregnancy occurred, progesterone will remain high and increasing. If no pregnancy, it drops. We feel inflamed, irritated and things that need to change are made more than obvious. Good time for moving or other big changes that require strength. Use foods that Use foods that are light, cooling, and inflammation reducing.

Moon in Aquarius into Pisces:

Moon in late degrees of Aquarius today making harmonious aspects with Vesta, Venus and N.Node in Gemini. Easy to evolve and make progress through creativity and mental means.

Astrology info to consider:

Sun and Pluto rx are 90°today. Pluto: underground, pushed down emotions, secrets you’ve hidden, sometimes even from yourself. Sun: ego-identity, light of awareness. This angle creates tension between self and hidden material. Topics may be around (what you consider) pleasure and authority. Do you work first then play? WHY? Is it because that is fulfilling or because that’s how you were programmed?

Jupiter went retrograde in Capricorn around 730 am putting us at 4 planets rx. This is a reflective time of reconsidering topics of what each planet represents. How are you using what you have (your gifts) in service to sustainability (Capricorn) like the “good King/Queen” does? Do you want more? Asking for Jupiter.

Jupiter is golden abundance of wisdom and all the good things. Rays of light that enlighten and expand your conciousness. The more you give, the more you get.

Nutrition suggestion:



Moon in cosmic intellectual Aquarius all day will shift into soft dreamy Pisces by night. Tonight’s tea ritual is inspired by the healing waters of Pisces, connecting with simple pleasures of Taurus season, and honoring the Retrograde themed phase we have now entered as Jupiter joined Pluto, Saturn, and Venus all in retrograde phase now into the summer.

Begin your ritual by calling in the dreamy, universal love of Pisces.  Create sacred space calling in your spirit guides and breathing all you awareness into your body.

  • As you prepare the water for your tea, connect with the water.  Send love and gratitude to your water, speak positive words to the water, infuse the intentions you are working with into your water.
  • As you select the herbs for your tea, connect with the plants.  Smell the herbs and send love and gratitude to the earth for growing these herbs.
  • If you add honey to sweeten, thank the bees and the bee keeper who loves the bees.
  • Let your tea steep on your altar while you take some time to sit and meditate on your present experience of embodiment.  As complex beings we spend much time not fully embodied with our presence.  It can be so easy to let out mind drift aimlessly into the past or future, it is important to practice consciously calling our awareness into the present moment and being in our bodies.  Not doing in our bodies but just being in our bodies. Being not doing… feel this in your body… being not doing.
  • When your tea is ready, take it in your hands and hold it to your chest, feel the warmth of this beverage made with love.  Breath in and out of your heart space.
  • Bring the tea to your lips as if to meet the lips of a lover, feel the tea blessing your throat with that same warmth of love.
  • With every sip, be present to receive the pleasurable experience of drinking this tea made with love.

Conclude in gratitude.



Reoccuring dreams show you where you have deeply rooted unconscious material making itself known to you. If you acknowledge and ask good questions, you can get to the bottom of those roots and experience profound healing. Next time you are in the reoccuring dream situation, pay more attention to the small details rather than the main theme. The main theme is obvious. The details will give you the information you need to unravel the mystery.

Watch this video about dreaming.

Menstruation cycle and Moon:
What phase of your inner Moon cycle are you in? What hormones are most prominent? How does this relate with outer Moon’s luteal phase? Remember, your cycle and Moon cycle do not need to match. Read more about the correspondences here.

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