1st Lunar Nitya: Kameshvari

Om Kameshvaryai Namaha

Sun:  0 Cancer
Moon: 0 Cancer, New Moon exact at 11:41 pm
Inner Moon: days 1-7, low progesterone, low estrogen, bleeding

Moon Vibes:

The ambiguous presence that brings gifts of creative potential. Now that we are in the darkest phase of the Moon cycle, the obscure vision makes for reimagining new possibilities. This phase is where we plant new seeds of intention. New Moon relates to Winter Solstice and Yule. In tantra yoga, this is the merging of Moon and Sun from third-eye to crown of the head. In and out breath unite at the crown of the head in breath pause (kumbhaka) where the magic of integration of opposites happens. In the hero’s journey, this is the call to adventure. The phase of the inner Moon cycle related with new Moon is menstruation. Low progesterone, low estrogen and bleeding is present. Take time to rest and reflect. Great phase for receiving dreams and insight. Use foods with higher protein, nurturing, and easy to digest.


Moon in Cancer is a great time to heal mucous membranes. I recommend making a strong infusion of mullein and drinking as a tea while Moon is in Cancer. If you dont have access to mullein, look at this website and pick a new food from the list of mucus reducing list, which are heal the mucousa by not causing further damage.


Moon in Cancer:

Moon in Cancer corresponds with breasts, womb, ovary, stomach, mucousa.


Astrology info to consider:

Mars squaring up with nodal axis 🔥transformation and transcending time with masculine force.

Pluto/Jupiter process of revealing hidden secrets and expanding awareness with shiny light of Jupiter. Revealing, healing, miracles and abundance. 60°with action oriented Mars adds motivation and fight to the Pluto/Jupiter process.

Mercury rx in Cancer is integral to this Moon cycle and the processing of information. How do you honor your homelife, close loved ones, watery womb wisdom and intuition? #CancerVesta at new Moon encourages rituals and sacred workings.


Conclude with gratitude.


Build a new dream altar for 4th Moon cycle.

It can be a big empty bowl where you dedicate space to hold tonight’s dream images. You can include anything that serves as an invitation or reminder that you care about dreams and want to engage with them. Your dream-self will be strengthened through this altar. Watch this video about dreaming.

Watch this video about dreaming.


Menstruation cycle and Moon:
What phase of your inner Moon cycle are you in? What hormones are most prominent? How does this relate with outer Moon’s bleeding phase? Remember, your cycle and Moon cycle do not need to match. Read more about the correspondences here.

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