Kali day 7: Ugra: Nitya of Fierceness

Om Ugrayai Namaha

Sun:  22 Gemini
Moon: 15 Pisces, 263 degrees from Sun, Last Quarter Moon
Inner Moon: days 22-28, Luteal

Moon Vibes:

The wise elder sensing the smell of ending and learning to gracefully let go and go home. Sense of longing. The bitter sweetness of knowing the necessity of ending and becoming acutely aware of death that permeates all of life. This phase relates with the autumnal equinox and Mabon. In tantra yoga, this is suryachara, ascending course of Sun with the out-breath moving upward from throat to soft palette. Relates with midday and the element is fire. In the hero’s journey, this is the phase is where we cross the return threshold. We feel freedom and courage to explore more of our humanity. In the menstrual cycle, this is luteal phase. Like the Luteal phase in inner Moon cycle, Balsamic Moon vibe is fierce, direct, got no time for BS. Get to the point. Be real. Show yourself. If pregnancy occurred, progesterone will remain high and increasing. If no pregnancy, it drops. We feel inflamed, irritated and things that need to change are made more than obvious and we have the energy to make necessary changes. Good time for moving or other big changes that require strength. If pregnancy occurred, progesterone will remain high and increasing. If no pregnancy, it drops. We feel inflamed, irritated and things that need to change are made more than obvious. Good time for moving or other big changes that require strength. Use foods that Use foods that are light, cooling, and inflammation reducing.


Pisces Moon relates with pineal gland and feet. For today’s nutrition, make a foot scrub with sea salt, lemon juice and coconut oil. Scrub your feet before bed.

pineal gland health: To liven up the pineal gland, decalcify the body by choosing alkaline foods over dead and acidic ones.

Integrate the use of these items:
• Apple cider vinegar
• Raw cacao
• Medicinal mushrooms
• Lemons
• Wheat grass and Greens
• Celtic Sea Salt in Neti Pot
• Replace table salt with Celtic Sea Salt

Play intuition games like those mentioned in The Psychic Workbook, by Sonia Choquette.

Moon in Pisces:

Moon in Pisces, sensitivity, psychic ability, inclusivity, longing for ecstasy/pain, the rawness of real love. 263°from Sun, Moon’s luteal phase, nearing the end of 5th Moon cycle. Moon squaring up with Sun today, friction between inner and outer self, receptivity and projection. Moon 120°graceflow with Mercury, our perception is watery, currents of information flow in ways that makes sense. How are you processing?


Astrology info to consider:

 Pluto and Jupiter, both retro, working their way back to conjunction by Jun30. Today, 1° between them. We feeling it. Revelations (Pluto) and Miracles (Jupiter.)Mars and Neptune both at 20°Pisces today. Mars is righteous anger and the creative use of aggression. The fires of action, excitement, desire, rage. With Neptune, the actions are worked energetically, expressed poetically, all consuming wave of emotional tsunami. In the sign of Pisces, the topic has to do with humanitarian issues, equality and fairness.


Moon in Pisces today, the vibe is soft and dreamy. Dedicate some time today to creating your own reality, for a little while tune out of the outer world and tune in to your inner world.  What helps you feel that? Feel like you are existing in your own reality bubble of your own creation. Maybe it’s getting creative, listening to music and dancing in your room, or wrapping up in your favorite blanket and closing your eyes.  

  • Begin by calling in the dreamy nature of Pisces, creating sacred space by calling in your spirit guides to support you in your current time and space.
  • Set a vibe and set an intention, this is always an essential part of ritual.  What is your why tonight? Connecting with the heart of your reason why brings grounding and magic to your practice.
  • Reflect in your journal on how you have been feeling over the time of this Moon cycle which began on May 22nd. We are in the disseminating phase now, a time to surrender and let go.
    • What are you being called to let go of now?
    • What is coming up for you as material that you are surrendering?
  • Laying down comfortably now to practice a body scan meditation.   If you are new to this practice using a guide can be very helpful… I like this one, you may want to search around to find a voice that you like. The technique is to scan your awareness through your whole body, allowing awareness to shift from one part to the next, consciously relaxing all parts of the body.  Typically starting from the extremities and working towards center and upwards, for example start with awareness of tips of the toes gradually move awareness past all parts of the leg upwards towards the hip, relaxing the whole leg(one side at time). Then moving awareness to finger tips and relaxing all parts of the arm upwards towards the shoulder(one side at time). Then continue on to relax your core, from the pelvis upwards towards the skull, relaxing every tiny muscle of the face and head.
  • After you complete your body scan practice continue with the practice of your nightly routines of cleansing and closure, weaving a tread of dreaminess and intention through your actions.

Conclude with gratitude.


Don’t bring stress from the day to bed with you. This can lead to stressful dreams and avoidance of doing dreamwork. Set up a nightly routine, just 20 minutes or so, to get grounded and bring closure to the day. Here are some ideas:


  • Take a shower or bath with emphasis on cleaning your hands and feet.
  • Light a candle and practice fire gazing for 5-10 minutes.
  • Write in a journal for 5-10 minutes.Read poetry or non-work related, pleasurable material.
  • Any sustainable practice that feels grounding to you.


Go to bed relaxed and ready to do your favorite dream induction techniques.

Watch this video about dreaming.

Menstruation cycle and Moon:
What phase of your inner Moon cycle are you in? What hormones are most prominent? How does this relate with outer Moon’s luteal phase? Remember, your cycle and Moon cycle do not need to match. Read more about the correspondences here.

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