Kali day 6: Vipracitta: Nitya of the Subconcsious

Om Vipracittayai Namaha

Sun:  21 Taurus
Moon: 03 Pisces, 254 degrees from Sun, Disseminating/Waning Crescent Moon
Inner Moon: transition between ovulation and luteal phase

Moon Vibes:

The Shaman doing the deep inner work of acceptance and surrender. We sense into and through the chaos and crave liberation for self and others. We attune to the mysteries of life cycles, death and rebirth. We lose our sense of self-importance. This phase relates with Lammas. In tantra yoga, this starts surychara, ascending course of the Sun with the out-breath moving upward from heart to throat. Relates with first quarter of the day (morning) and the element is water. In the hero’s journey, this is the return journey. We are feeling gratitude for survival and ready to integrate the gifts from the journey. In the menstrual cycle, this is transition between the high of ovulation and the hormonal shifts of luteal phase.


Pisces Moon helpsnus feel more of our inner reality as well us collective energy. Today’s nutrition is a morning tea blend with yerba maté. Yerba maté offers increased focus and digestive power, which helps you accept and digest more of what’s happening in life. Lemon balm also stimulates digestive organs while also being a relaxant to the nervous system. St. John’s wort is a sun loving plant which gives you a sunny disposition.

Digestion includes other information besides food, such as emotions, nutrition, words from loved ones, and also the absence of them. This is Pisces Moon work.

How are you digesting all that is occuring right now?

Moon in pisces:

Moon in physically sensitive Pisces, 254* from Sun, disseminating phase.  Gemini Season, Pisces Moon at the end of the cycle feels like dissolution of thoughts and emotional patterns.  An inspiration that becomes a pattern is no longer inspiring. Next 2 days are for true surrender without knowing what will fill the space.


Astrology info to consider:

Neptune and Mars together around 20* in Pisces, boundaries, immunity, humanity, UNITY.  Tsunami of global healing.  Mars is passionate about justice and desire.  In Pisces, the warrior is a lover.  Exact tomorrow, I’m curious about what Mars vibe is going to look and feel like on Neptune, which is the highest octave Piscean energy.  I imagine some weird dance off poetic battle of psychic energy with words of power and plants bursting through walls and halls of justice.  Or an invisible tsunami of spirit energy.

Mercury shadowing in Cancer giving clues about the topic and material we are going to be covering during retrograde which starts on June 17th, making 5 planets retrograde for Summer Solstice.


Moon in Pisces today, the vibe is soft and dreamy. Dedicate some time today to creating your own reality, for a little while tune out of the outer world and tune in to your inner world.  What helps you feel that? Feel like you are existing in your own reality bubble of your own creation. Maybe it’s getting creative, listening to music and dancing in your room, or wrapping up in your favorite blanket and closing your eyes.  

  • Begin by calling in the dreamy nature of Pisces, creating sacred space by calling in your spirit guides to support you in your current time and space.
  • Set a vibe and set an intention, this is always an essential part of ritual.  What is your why tonight? Connecting with the heart of your reason why brings grounding and magic to your practice.
  • Practice a few rounds of the Bees Breath that was explained in last night’s ritual.
  • Reflect in your journal on how you have been feeling over the time of this Moon cycle which began on May 22nd. We are in the disseminating phase now, a time to surrender and let go.
    • What is coming up for you as material that you are surrendering?
  • Laying down comfortably now to practice a body scan meditation.   If you are new to this practice using a guide can be very helpful… I like this one, you may want to search around to find a voice that you like. The technique is to scan your awareness through your whole body, allowing awareness to shift from one part to the next, consciously relaxing all parts of the body.  Typically starting from the extremities and working towards center and upwards, for example start with awareness of tips of the toes gradually move awareness past all parts of the leg upwards towards the hip, relaxing the whole leg(one side at time). Then moving awareness to finger tips and relaxing all parts of the arm upwards towards the shoulder(one side at time). Then continue on to relax your core, from the pelvis upwards towards the skull, relaxing every tiny muscle of the face and head.
  • After you complete your body scan practice continue with the practice of your nightly routines of cleansing and closure, weaving a tread of dreaminess and intention through your actions.

Conclude with gratitude.


Pisces Moon corresponds with pineal gland and feet. It is a psychically sensitive time, naturally aligned with dreaming. Tonight, just relax and open to receive. Continue to follow these basic dream tips:


  • Practice a nightly dream routine that includes cleansing and a recap of your day.
  • Write down the dreams you recieve upon waking.
  • Paying attention to the way your dreams are affected by consumption of food/drink and intake of information.

Watch this video about dreaming.

Menstruation cycle and Moon:
What phase of your inner Moon cycle are you in? What hormones are most prominent? How does this relate with outer Moon’s ovulation phase? Remember, your cycle and Moon cycle do not need to match. Read more about the correspondences here.

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