Lalita day 4: Vahnivasini: Nitya of Fire

Om Vahnivasiniyai Namaha

Sun: 6 Gemini
Moon: 17 Cancer, 41 degrees from Sun, Waxing Crescent Moon
Inner Moon: transition between bleeding and follicular/proliferation

Moon Vibes:

Individuality. Going extreme, leaping out, feeling a strong desire for manifesting those new Moon intentions. Feeling an extreme sense of hunger for our mission and divine guidance. Developing awareness of spiritual and sexual identity. This phase relates with Imbolc/Candlemas. In tantra yoga, this is somachara, descending course of Moon, in-breath (prana-vayu) from crown to the third-eye, relates with last quarter of daylight and the element is air. In the hero’s journey this phase is where we are feeling our desires, sensing into the intentions and meet a mentor in human, plant, animal or other than human form. In the menstrual cycle, this phase is transitional including bleeding and the building up of the uterine nest in the follicular/proliferation phase. Use clean, easy to digest food.


Moon in Cancer:

After new Moon, waxing crescent phase is where we trust our seeds of intention to take shape.

In opposition with Pluto today we feel emotional, sexual, Moony intensity. Moon/Pluto gets you in the gut, in the pelvic bowl, stirs up deep waters of dreams, wishes, imaginations and memories. Letting this energy flow liberates hidden aspects of yourself and regenerates your personal power.

Today, spend some time connecting with the energy in your pelvic bowl, and womb of your heart and mind.

The work you do with your inner source of power (Pluto) liberates energy and regenerates you

Moon opposing Jupiter by nightfall allows for insight, golden light of spiritual abundance, miracles. Moon relates with ancient truths regarding soul. Connecting with Moon and transits Moon makes, connects you with a cosmic storyline where possibilities are endless.


Astrology info to consider:

Mars/Sun 90°angle challenging us around self ♊amusement and ♓ethical use of ♂️force.



Moon in self-healing Cancer all day today and when we wake up tomorrow the moon will be in self-loving Leo, the waxing Moon invites us into nurturing our growing intentions of this Lunar cycle.  During this phase of the cycle we begin to emerge from the deep, dark transformation of the New Moon. With the Moon in polarity with Pluto and Jupiter tonight we will practice resting and receiving in a posture that opens the chest(Cancer) and the pelvis(Pluto).

  • Create sacred space by calling in the nurturing love of Cancer, call in your spirit guides and ancestors to support you.
  • Make yourself a cup of tea like you did last night, taking your time infusing love in every step of the process.  Sending love and gratitude to the water, herbs, and honey.
  • Before you drink your tea, hold your mug to your chest and feel  your tea warming your heart space. Think of the intentions you wrote about in your letter to Moon, did you come up with an affirmation for this lunar cycle yet? If not, formulate that positive present tense statement now. Speak your affirmation to your tea before you take your first sip, the vibration of your words will be carried in the tea that nourishes you.
  • In your journal, reflect on the events of your day and the feelings that have been up for you today. Did you feel challenged today? Did you learn something new today? When did you feel playful today? What made you laugh today?   Make a list of everything you are grateful for today, feel gratitude fill your heart.  Make a list of what is nurturing to you, anything that comes to mind.
  • Continue with a practice of Supta Baddha Konasana: Reclined Cobblers Pose with lots of props to support you. This posture will support the whole back of your body while opening your chest and pelvis. Grab your favorite blankets and  pillows or a yoga bolster if you have one and make yourself a little nest to settle onto in front of your altar.
  • Set an intention to allow yourself to feel held and supported in sacred space here, free to feel any way.  You may want to set a timer for yourself or just listen to your internal clock, settle into your variation of this restorative pose and enjoy this time to soften and open your body.  When you are finished continue reflecting in your journal on what has come up for you today and clarify the first steps you plan to take towards manifesting your new moon intentions.
  • Conclude in gratitude.


I was in therapy for PTSD related anxiety, depression, and mood disorder in 2005 when a psychologist introduced me to hypnosis and dreamwork. It was during this time I discovered some of the most profound healing, especially when I was able to retain lucidity in the dreamstate. Once I realized I was dreaming, I could change the whole vibe of the dream just by making conscious choices. In some dreams, I was able to change the outcome and wake up feeling more confident and secure in myself.

Last night we set the intention to meet our shadow self. Here is a lucid dream induction technique to add on to last night’s practice:

  • Set your alarm 5 hours after your bedtime.
  • When it goes off don’t start playing with your phone, but do get up to get water or go pee.
  • Lay back down and repeat a mnemonic phrase like, “Next time I’m dreaming, I’ll become lucid.”
  • Imagine yourself entering a cave, tunnel, or hallow of a tree trunk to meet your shadow self.
  • Keep repeating your mnemonic phrase in your mind as your body relaxes into sleep.

Next time you wake up, write any fragments of dream images, symbols, thoughts, or insights. Give thanks.

Watch this video about dreaming.

Menstruation cycle and Moon:
What phase of your inner Moon cycle are you in? What hormones are most prominent? How does this relate with outer Moon’s transition between bleeding and follicular phase? Remember, your cycle and Moon cycle do not need to match. Read more about the correspondences here.

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