• Feminine/Masculine represented in everything in nature and has esoteric connections to the cycles of the planets and movements of energy in the human body.
  • 5 pranas: specifically covering Apana, Prana, and Samana as inhale, exhale and the space between breaths as Shiva, Shakti, and all-pervasive expansion of consciousness.
  • Base of the spine and crown of the head hold.
  • Contracting and expanding your energy field.
  • Kanda – Bulb – 4 fingers below naval. Immersion into sensation of:

Root: Kanda

Tip: Tip of penis and the tip of clitoris and g-spot and opening of cervix.

Center: Perineum


Everything in the physical realm has an energetic or etheric double. No thing that we see with our eyes is without an energetic component. The sooner one realizes this, the better because this concept pervades all existence in life. There are said to be 72,000 nadis in the pranic sheath and three of which we place great attention. The central channel, or sushumna nadi, and the two nadis on either side, ida and pingala.


  • Left brain
  • Chandra/Moon
  • Cooling


  • Right brain
  • Surya/Sun
  • Healing

Many of the aspects of a yoga practice aim to purify these nadis which allow more energy to move in, out, through and around the way it moves in its expanded state. Pranayama/breathing practices are extremely powerful and potent methods for bringing wholeness to your energy, body, and entire life. This topic is vast and I highly recommend researching before implementing a practice. Two safe and effective practices are kapalabhati  and anuloma viloma with the latter being more beneficial for balancing and purifying ida and pingala.


Standing Movements:

  • Pelvic floor exploration – massage hips
  • Power button activation
  • Separate ribs from pelvis – massage rib cage
  • Separate pelvis from head – massage head
  • Omni
  • Hip circles
  • Rib circles
  • Head circles


Goddess pose and 3 Wombs intro:

  • Pituitary/Pineal – spirit, future, light
  • Heart/Pericardium – Now
  • Uterus/Prostate – soul lineage, past, dark

Journey to 3 wombs and listening. Align. Timeless Now.

Singing Bowls and Shamanic Journey.

Warm up, activate and articulate the yoni’s voice.

Taoist 3 Gates:

  • Clitoris
  • G-spot, soft palate of the yoni
  • Opening to the cervix, telescope to the cosmos

Stay present with Now. Fantasy will project your energy out to where your attention goes. Stay present.




Vagina means Sheath or covering for a sword.

Yoni means sacred temple, abode, source. Encompasses the outer and inner portion of the sacred temple from which we were all created and birthed from.

If neither of these terms feels right for you, find another way to relate to your shakti throne.


Yoga practices:

  • Kabalabhati yoni breathing –
  • Spinal Pelvic Breathing –
  • Pelvic tilt yoni towards sky – inhale arch back, exhale press back into mate. Can contract and expand hands and feet with breath.
  • Lift torso off mat and notice movement in yoni. Lift head and notice movement in yoni.
  • Explore your connection between the 3 wombs in correlation to your movements.

Removal of egg:

Allow any dense energy to be absorbed into the egg. As you remove the egg, imagine rebirthing your Self into the world through your own womb.

Guided savasana.


For powerful images of the yoni and diagrams of anatomy:



Yoni egg crystal safety percausion info taken from: https://medium.com/she-dreams-co/yoni-eggs-are-dangerous-and-toxic-a-practical-guide-to-choosing-your-next-yoni-egg-wisely-c2bf1d55460f

  • Any dyed crystal — Some dyes are toxic
  • Angelite — This crystal contains lead
  • Chalcopyrite — This crystal contains sulphur
  • Chrysocolla — This crystal contains copper
  • Fluorite — This crystal contains fluorine and other toxic chemicals
  • Galena — This crystal contains lead
  • Labradorite — This crystal contains aluminum
  • Lazurite — This crystal contains sulphur
  • Malachite — This crystal contains copper.
  • Orpiment — This crystal contains arsenic
  • Rhodochrosite — This crystal contains lead
  • Selenite — When dissolved, this crystal is toxic to the body
  • Serpentine — This crystal creates asbestos in its fibrous form
  • Sodalite — This crystal contains aluminum ( I almost sold one of these last April and had a “yoni sphere” listed in my store two weeks prior to writing this article)
  • Sunstone — This crystal contains aluminum
  • Tiger’s Eye — Contains asbestos fibers that can break off ( Sold a few no porous versions of these and use one myself. If your egg is broken or porous, throw it out!)
  • Turquoise — This crystal contains copper

You should avoid insertion of the following crystals for various reasons. Some crystals are repeated from the list above.

  • Any cracked or chipped eggs or eggs with unpolished imperfections.
  • Calcite — This crystal will dissolve over time
  • Chalcedony — This crystal is porous and will carry bacteria
  • Hematite (and other metallic crystals) — This crystal oxidizes with moisture and is prone to rusting
  • Pyrite — This crystal can convert to sulfuric acid
  • Rutilated Quartz — The fibers of this crystal could be rough or break off. This crystal can also carry bacteria
  • Selenite — This crystal will dissolve in moisture and is easily broken
  • Tourmalinated Quartz — This crystal can be rough and harbor bacteria

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