To me, a womb is a mysterious void space where all things are possible. A dark vortex of swirling energy that when tapped, can be seeded with thoughts, concepts, or other vibrational nutrients for magical manifestations to grow. The body’s wombs are feminine in nature. I experience three different womb spaces in the body. One in the head, one in the chest, and one in the lower belly. This is my interpretation of subtle womb energy in the body.

Thank you for the womb of your heart lyrics Conner!


The mind in masculine in nature and is a collection and culmination of processes that occur in the body and psyche. It is not really in one particular place in the body. Because much of the activity is mental, many people would say their mind is in their head. I would disagree and say that it is nowhere and everywhere consisting of body signals, mental programming, and is the way in which we receive and transfer data.

From our childhood, we are trained (if even only subtly) to relinquish our inner authority and follow what is laid out before us. We must sit down, listen to the preachers and the teachers, never doubt or question them and definitely do as they expect us to. This weakens a child’s capacity for critical thinking while strengthens the chances of creating a well behaved, law abiding citizen.

The masculine principle seeds ideas into the mind womb where they are generated into offspring. Since this part of us has been intelligently co opted by government, cultural and religious systems, we are seeded with outside authority. Thus, we give birth to offspring not of our own unique individual essence.

we can live with common values without destroying individuality

As a mother, I understand why we lay out a foundation for the children to develop in. As a healing artist, I see the damage it has caused many adults who don’t know they are divine, powerful beings with valuable gifts to add to humanity. For greater clarity on what is your truth and what is implanted truth, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • What was I passionately curious about as a child?
  • What do I study and how do I like to study/learn about it?
  • What is the quest or mission of my life?
  • How do I use the gathered and acquired information to set out on the quest or mission of my life?
  • How do I feel toward authority figures?
  • When I disagree with outer authority, how do I respond?
  • How does outer authority assist me in my personal quest?

We all have value and worth beyond what we are led to believe. Systems give us a sense of safety but also stagnation. Theories are fresh, open, flowing, and allow for innovation. To disarm the stronghold of mental captivity, you must be willing to question everything you believe. If you don’t do it consciously, life always finds a way to wake you up.

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