Kali day 11: Ghana: Nitya of Deconstruction

Om Ghanayai Namaha

Sun:  27 Taurus
Moon: 1 Aries, 314 degrees from Sun, Balsamic
Inner Moon: transition between luteal and menstruation

Moon Vibes:

The mystic, deeply sensitive to psychic reality, energetic information, connection with disembodied energy like spirits. Ultra-creative, dream-like visionary with sharp mental acuity. Ethereal quality with little to no ego attachment. This phase relates with Samhain. In tantra yoga, this suryachara, ascending course of Sun, ascending out-breath moving upward from soft palette to third-eye. Relates with last quarter of day time and the element is air. In the hero’s journey, this is where we are sharing and offering the gifts and lessons learned. Preparation phase for the next call to adventure at new Moon.

Moon in Aries:

Moon in Aries this morning making 90°angles to both ends if the nodal axis. The South represents comfort zones and karmic patterns. North is new territory we are evolving into. This axis is so much more than 1 sentence can sum up. It represents the tracking of time and how we transcend duality and linear concepts of time. This axis shifted signs first week of May, shifting the overall focus for development. We are digesting the old version of philosophical Sagittarian patterns on the South node. Wanting to evolve into the best version of information gathering Gemini, in service to spirit through creativity and fun on the North node.

Astrology info to consider:

Sun at 27° Taurus in 120°angle with Jupiter. Easy and grace between ego identity and inner light bearer (aka guru.) Feels like validation in sense of self, something to righteously be proud of about yourself.

Mars/Ceres at early degrees of Pisces. Noticing a greater concern for land, food production and distribution? This is Ceres material. Mars in Pisces will do whatever it takes to stand up for the rights of all sentient beings with compassion and empathy for the whole.

Nutrition suggestion:

Aries relates with head, teeth, tongue, arteries and heat related issues.

Black cherries are great for heat related issues!

Here’s something delicious and nutritious for waning Aries Moon in Taurus season.

Black Cherry Cacao

  • 1-2 handfuls of black cherries, frozen or fresh.
  • 1-2 TBLS raw or ceremonial grade cacao.
  • 1 cup hemp milk (or your favorite milk.)

Blend in blender until smooth. Add whatever little smoothie extras you like. Enjoy!


Disseminating moon in Aries tonight, under this moon phase we are integrating the wisdom received during this lunar cycle.  What will you do with the wisdom you’ve gained?  The Aries moon can bring the spark of bravery to share your wisdom with others. Tonight take time to reflect on the big picture of what you’ve been orbiting around this past month and acknowledge your experiences as teachers.

  • Create sacred space by lighting a candle on your altar, call in the fierce and brave energy of Aries and call on your spirit guides to support you here.
  • Practice candle gazing for 5 minutes or so, fixing your gaze on the flame, imagine the flame incinerating all mental chatter, leaving you with clarity and peace of mind.
  • In your journal reflect on the most impactful moments and/or experiences of this lunar cycle so far (started on April 22nd), out of all this event can you notice a common thread?  What have you been learning this month? And how does that relate to the intentions you set for this lunar cycle on the New Moon?
  • Becoming clear on the wisdom you are integrating now and decide how you can share this wisdom, you might want to share publicly or with a close friend.  Define the intention behind your sharing. Often it can be intimidating to share what feels so personal to us but when we share our stories we invite others to do the same. When we show our scars we remind others that healing is possible.
  • Take one action toward sharing a personal story or lesson of growth and gained wisdom.
  • Conclude in gratitude



In the moment of a scary dream, it is so challenging to face the characters. But if you can stay engaged in the dream, it is very valuable to ask the dream character:

  • What do you want?
  • Why are you here?
  • How can I assist you?

If they continue to be scary and attacking, tell them to stop! You can assert and stand up for yourself here. This practice directly translates to being able to empathize and connect with people in scary situations as well as stand your ground. Skills that many people aren’t comfortable with. If you end up waking yourself up out of fright or shock, try this dream reentry technique:

  • Reposition your body back to before you woke up.
  • Recall as much detail as possible from the dream you were just in.
  • Drift back into sleep while visualizing the dream.

This works for me most of the time, especially on those early morning dreams.

Watch this video about dreaming.

Menstruation cycle and Moon:
What phase of your inner Moon cycle are you in? What hormones are most prominent? How does this relate with outer Moon’s transition between luteal phase and menstruation? Remember, your cycle and Moon cycle do not need to match. Read more about the correspondences here.


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