Kali day 9: Dipa: Nitya of Illumination

Om Dipayai Namaha

Sun:  25 Taurus
Moon: 07 Pisces, 292 degrees from Sun, Last Quarter Moon
Inner Moon: days 22-28, Luteal

Moon Vibes:

The wise elder sensing the smell of ending and learning to gracefully let go and go home. Sense of longing. The bitter sweetness of knowing the necessity of ending and becoming acutely aware of death that permeates all of life. This phase relates with the autumnal equinox and Mabon. In tantra yoga, this is suryachara, ascending course of Sun with the out-breath moving upward from throat to soft palette. Relates with midday and the element is fire. In the hero’s journey, this is the phase is where we cross the return threshold. We feel freedom and courage to explore more of our humanity. In the menstrual cycle, this is luteal phase. Like the Luteal phase in inner Moon cycle, Balsamic Moon vibe is fierce, direct, got no time for BS. Get to the point. Be real. Show yourself. If pregnancy occurred, progesterone will remain high and increasing. If no pregnancy, it drops. We feel inflamed, irritated and things that need to change are made more than obvious and we have the energy to make necessary changes. Good time for moving or other big changes that require strength. If pregnancy occurred, progesterone will remain high and increasing. If no pregnancy, it drops. We feel inflamed, irritated and things that need to change are made more than obvious. Good time for moving or other big changes that require strength. Use foods that Use foods that are light, cooling, and inflammation reducing.


Moon in Pisces:

Moon in Pisces relates with feet and pineal gland.

No edges, curves, or boundaries. Just dream mist, waves of imagination and infinite possibilities. What does your dream self want? Take a nap and ask. Then draw, spell, act it acted out. Take your imagination and dreams more seriously.

Moon in psychically sensitive Pisces near Ceres and Mars today. Is the thing you’re dreaming of yours to do? If yes, please take at least 1 step today towards that. What house is the Moon in for you today? This is the area of life most affected. #Pisces

Moon at 90°with Mercury, challenge your mind. Intellect vs dreams and soul wisdom. This challenge can birth a 3rd thing if you accept the challenge. Will you?


Astrology info to consider:

Sun 120° with Pluto and Jupiter rx for the rest of Taurus season will continue to be gracefully revealing secrets and bringing miracles. The more you can engage in true body relaxation, the better.

Venus retrograding those past lovers back and the related issues …


Nutrition suggestion:

Seaweed helps to balance water metabolism. It nourishes kidneys which filters blood. Millet is great for it’s ability to balance water related issues in the body. Can dry up excess by cooking with less water and rehydrate you by cooking it with more water.


  • 1 cup of millet.
  • 3-4 cups of water, depending on how firm you want it.
  • Add arame or other seaweed to your liking.


Sprinkle nutritional yeast and/or squeeze lime juice over the rice right before serving.



With the moon in Pisces all day we feel our emotional bodies tuned in to all the subtle frequencies. Pisces is absorbent, living life as a waking dream and fully feeling through the experience of being here. Fully feeling can be overwhelming, especially in a society that has historically prioritized productivity over emotionality.  Tonight in your ritual disregard time, step away from a linear timeline and allow your awareness to slip into a waking dream state of timeless space.  Ever had a moment that felt like it lasted forever? That’s the feeling I get with the moon in Pisces. Take a moment to look up at the sky and fully feel the vastness of the magic it is to be here now, to feel here now.

  • Begin by calling in the dreamy nature of Pisces, creating sacred space by calling in your spirit guides to support you in your current time and space.
  • Create ritual around making your self a cup of tea with full love, as we did in last nights moon ritual.
  • Carry this sacred space to your bathroom for a ritual bath/shower.
  • Be intentional with every step of the process, do what you need first to be sure you won’t be interrupted and drawn out of you timeless dreamy space. Then set the vibe for you bath. Think about lighting, ambient sounds, and smells.
  • As you undress, allow each garment to symbolize the release of your old skin, shedding these layers to return home to your raw essence.
  • As you prepare the bath or begin the water for your shower, full connect with the element of water. With love and gratitude for feeling the water here now.
  • After your ritual bath/shower, take time to reflect in your journal, noting the dreamiest part of your day and dreaming about your most magical ideals for the future ahead.  No dream is too big, small, or beautiful; give all your dreams attention and feel the magic of living this dream life.

Conclude in gratitude.


The objects in your dreams are reflections of your awareness. Each new object is from the light of one source projecting the illusion of your mind back to you. How does looking at your dreams this way make you feel about objects in your waking reality? While you are in the dream, you have no reason to believe that what is occuring isn’t real. But when you wake up, you say to yourself, “It was just a dream.” Then you go on about taking your waking life very seriously. Just for tonight, take your dreaming life just as seriously. When you wake up, write:


  • Your first thoughts.
  • Remembrances of dreams.
  • How you felt in the dream.
  • How you feel upon waking.

If you don’t recall dream symbols, images or feelings, write that. Write any thoughts that arise upon awakening.

Watch this video about dreaming.

Menstruation cycle and Moon:
What phase of your inner Moon cycle are you in? What hormones are most prominent? How does this relate with outer Moon’s luteal phase? Remember, your cycle and Moon cycle do not need to match. Read more about the correspondences here.

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