Releasing Pain: Psoas and Soul: In this workshop, you will learn theory and practice protocols for connecting with the psoas and it’s synergistic and antagonistic movers. The muscles in the deep belly and low back are vast and mysterious and everybody has a unique story in their tissue. We will practice listening and responding to this area from both physical and metaphysical perspectives. You will learn healing techniques that reach through time and space and assist the body in finding natural alignment.

11am-1pm: Theory and deep belly meditation
1pm-3pm: Hands on Practice
Cost -97
Venue: Beautiful Sounds, address TBA upon registration.
To register: email:

***This class is for everyone. I have taught this work to couples who want to help each other with back pain at home as well as trained bodyworkers and yoga teachers. The material covered will likely be new to everyone.

June 19-25, 2019: Light on Water: Embodied Astrology and Yoga Alchemy Retreat on Kauai with Erik Roth and Anjani Siegrist




October 13th 4-7 pm pst: Mindful Nourishing Love Event: Womb Healing and Tantric Practices:

“The womb is similar in mystery and potential energy as black holes in the cosmos. Yoni egg yoga is a self-exploration into your own inner cosmos and will assist you in accessing your innate body wisdom. Your womb is your guiding oracle and a place of creative power, but most of us completely ignore our wombs unless we have pain or pregnancy. Come home to your body and begin to communicate with and from your source of limitless power.

In this workshop, we will cover the basics and beyond of yoni egg work. You’ll learn techniques that you can continue to practice with for years to come, such as womb breathing and other tantra yoga practices. This class can be done with or without a yoni egg.

During the yoga asana we will have live sound bowl healing that will guide you into surrendering your 5 senses.

Finally, as we awake from our yoga high we will enjoy fresh, homemade, vegan, organic, womb healing foods prepared by Ashley Demarco.

You can bring your own Yoni egg or purchase one through Anjani S Siegrist.

COST with your own Yoni Egg: $33
COST with Yoni egg included: $60

– You do not have to use a yoni egg to participate in this experience.”

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October 27th 7-8:30 pm pst: Awakening the Goddess

“Feminine energy is as diverse and varied as the bodies that inhabit the Earth. Looking through the lens of Venus, you will discover your unique feminine allure while awakening the possibilities of new feminine expressions in your life. In this online workshop, you will learn about Venus through the astrological archetypes, be guided on a shamanic journey to your inner Venus, and reunite with your feminine power. When you sign-up, you get:

  • Your astrology chart with Venus and Mars highlighted.
  • Handouts related to the various forms of Venus and their attributes.
  • Access to a previous Mars Initiation workshop.
  • Homework sheet for doing the inner marriage of Venus and Mars.

Dec 8th 4-8pm: Reiki II Course

“Learn to connect with and use the natural flow of energy that holds all things in creation together. This energy has been called chi, prana, qi, mana, and sekhem and many other names throughout human history. In this course, you will learn how to turn-on, channel, and redirect this powerful energy for self-healing.”
If you haven’t taken level I, you can book a private session. Allow 21 days between level I and level II.

Jan 11th 4-8 and Jan 12th 4-8: Reiki Master Teacher Certification Course:
Learn pass attunements and to successful set up a Reiki practice.