Lalita day 10: Nilapataka: Nitya of Celestial Power

Om Nilapatakayai Namaha

Sun: 9 Cancer
Moon: 10 Scorpio, 121 degrees from Sun, Waxing Gibbous
Inner Moon: days 8-14, follicular/proliferation

Moon Vibes:

The lover in ecstatic union with the beloved and the creator in sync with their audience. This phase relates to Beltane, spring equinox. Heightened senses, pleasure, amusement. In tantra yoga, this is the descending in-breath from soft palette to the throat, represents the first quarter of daylight and the element is water. In the hero’s journey, this is where we are facing fears, doubts, and uncertainties. We get an opportunity to show what we know through the trails and tests that are occurring now. In the menstrual cycle, waxing gibbous is a transition phase between the building up of the uterine nest and the high of ovulation. Use warm comfort foods and root vegetables.



Moon in scorpio:

Grand water trine today with Ceres, Vesta and Moon. The power of water magnified. Cancer season emphasizes the power if water as does the Moon Sensuality, intuition, empathy, nurturing lymphatic flow, regenerative fluids. Take time to listen and be with these process in your body.

Astrology info to consider:

Jupiter and Pluto exact today, peak moment of their year long conjunction. What is hidden inside you? Is it truth? Or hidden lies? Touching in with the deepest levels of yourself is a catalyst to reaching your highest high. Now is a good time for soul excavation, like mining for your treasure.

Mercury rx with Sun at 9°Cancer today. Illuminating thought and speech patterns, sense awareness of how these patterns shape your life and communicating about this. Great day to feel and release patterns that aren’t in alignment with your current vision and intentions.

Venus/Saturn both retrograde reflecting and rethinking. In harmonious aspect, they’re working it out.


Moon in deep and intense Scorpio tonight invites us to go deeper into our mysteries of being in a state of surrender.  Tonights ritual guides you to practice body and breath surrender.

  • Create sacred space for your ritual, call in the mysteries of Scorpio and your spirit guides to support you here.  Light your candle, intentionally, as you light your candle let the light symbolizes the spirit of your ritual.
  • Lay down on the ground, feel the support of the earth beneath your body. Feel the weight of your body sinking into the soft ground.
  • Imagine roots reaching down into the earth from your pelvis gathering up the rich nutrients of the earth. Imagine a flower at the crown of your head blooming open to receive Moon and star light.
  • Feel your breath, feel yourself drinking in the pleasurable life giving gift of your inhale.
  • Now notice your exhale with increased attention, an increase of commitment to the breath of releasing, expiring, and letting go.
  • Practice following the breath in this way, receiving the gift of your inhale and surrendering this gift on your exhale.  Notice the emptiness and void at the bottom of your exhale, get to know this void.  Learn to be in this emptiness with no expectations for what will come next. Truly surrender your exhale.
  • Practice this for a while, noticing all that arises. All that arises let it be, as it is; resistance or concern, grief or joy, boredom or story. Notice it, accept it, and then return to your breath.
  • When you feel complete turn to your journal. What is surrender like for you? Where/what/who in your life are you surrendering? Where/what/who have you surrendered in your past? What about your ancestors… what did they surrender?
  • Conclude in Gratitude, sending heart felt notes of gratitude to your body, your breath, Moon, and your Spirit Guides.



Watch this video about dreaming.

Menstruation cycle and Moon:
What phase of your inner Moon cycle are you in? What hormones are most prominent? How does this relate with outer Moon’s follicular/proliferation phase? Remember, your cycle and Moon cycle do not need to match. Read more about the correspondences here.

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