Lalita day 13: Jvamalini: Nitya of Flames

Om Jvamaliniyai Namaha

Sun:  12 Cancer
Moon: 22 Sagittarius, 160 degrees from Sun, Full Moon
Inner Moon: ovulation

Moon Vibes:

The healer, artist. Our humanity shines bright and the desire to connect with the resonate polarity is strong. Artistic and creative expressions are made manifest during full Moon phase. This is the polarity of our solar and lunar nature in orgasmic celebration and peak fertility during full Moon phase. In tantra yoga, this is the union of Moon and Sun, in and out-breath at the heart, breath pause kumbhaka. Relates with dawn and the element is earth. In the hero’s journey, this is the sacred Marriage of resonate polarities, between the archetypes of Sun/Moon. In the menstrual cycle, this phase is ovulation. The egg is released from ovary into fallopian tubes and the possibility of ferritization is greatest. Metaphysically, this is when we fertilize our creations with thought seeds and manifestation rituals have the greatest potential. The prime hormone for this phase is estrogen which stimulates luteinizing hormone which stimulates the release of the egg. This is also the peak of testosterone in the cycle so we see a lot of hormonal stimulation at full Moon phase.  The full Moon phase is about 72 hours, which also coincides closely to the time from onset of ovulation where fertilization is possible. Orgasm, ovulation, the moment of truth, polarity connection, endorphin high. Use foods that are packed with flavor, colorful, juicy and nutrient dense.



Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn:

Moon passing through south node today before lining up with the Sun for full Moon eclipse tomorrow night. Moon/S.Node can feel like being pulled into past patterns, habits, addictions. This can either get you doing old shit that you thought you were over OR be an energetic slingshot pushing you forward into your higher potential, true north. Completing his months Sagittarius teachings of philosophical adventures, we have more fire and knowledge to build our Capricorn empire with.

Astrology info to consider:

Mercury rx in a challenging aspect with Chiron, the Alchemist and wounded healer. Feeling our insecurities and turning them into potent medicine.

Sun and Vesta exact now and through the full phase of this Moon cycle. This highlights our innerfire, temple priestess committed to sacred work. What did you came to earth to do? That’s your most important task in service to humanity, your sacred work. What is your sacred work?




Your dreams are important. Think about your dreamlife and gather energy from past dreams. Think about how you fall asleep. Do you make any offering to the spirit of your dream? You can place a bowl of water near your bed as space for holding your dream. Water is the element most resonate with dreams, kidneys, Moon, womb, emotions and sensual memories of being an embodied dreamer. Tonight, as Moon grows in light, trust that you will receive the dream you need.

Watch this video about dreaming.

Menstruation cycle and Moon:
What phase of your inner Moon cycle are you in? What hormones are most prominent? How does this relate with outer Moon’s ovulation phase? Remember, your cycle and Moon cycle do not need to match. Read more about the correspondences here.

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