day 1: Bhagamalini: Nitya of the Flowering Yoni

Om Bhagamalinyai Namaha

Sun: 3 Gemini
Moon: 14 Gemini, 11 degrees from Sun, New Moon
Inner Moon: days 1-7, low progesterone, low estrogen, bleeding

Moon Vibes:

The ambiguous presence that brings gifts of creative potential. Now that we are in the darkest phase of the Moon cycle, the obscure vision makes for reimagining new possibilities. This phase is where we prepare to plant new seeds of intention. New Moon relates to Winter Solstice and Yule. In tantra yoga, this is the merging of Moon and Sun from third-eye to crown of the head. In and out breath unite at the crown of the head in breath pause (kumbhaka) where the magic of integration of opposites happens. In the hero’s journey, this is the call to adventure. The phase of the inner Moon cycle related with new Moon is menstruation. Low progesterone, low estrogen and bleeding is present. Take time to rest and reflect. Great phase for receiving dreams and insight. Use foods with higher protein, nurturing, and easy to digest.

Moon in Gemini:

Last day of dark Moon in Gemini where we BE IN THE DARK and practice using our senses. 3 days of dark Moon give us space to get comfortable with the unknown. Especially in Gemini where we are in the moment, breaking up pattern stagnation.

Astrology info to consider:

Sun, Moon, Venus rx, Mercury, Vesta and n.node all in Gemini. Get comfortable with dissolution of habituated thought patterns and structure.

Sun in Gemini creating a 90° challenge with Mars in Pisces and Ceres. Both Gemini and Pisces are groundless, timeless, dissolving boundaries and patterns. Gemini: fun and information creativity. Pisces: universal love and empathy. Mars in Pisces fights for world peace with poetry and spiritual practices. In a 90° angle with Sun in Gemini, the sense of self build on information and ideas squares off with the spiritual warrior.

Nutrition suggestion:

Gemini is an Air elemental force that corresponds with lungs, arms and hands, the places we split into two. Vata is the energy of wind closely related with Gemini.

Using oil on these parts of the body will ground the air element. Oils can be determined based on your predominant constitution. Coconut and sesame oil are usually good for everyone.

Take this quiz to find your constitution.


New Moon in Gemini tonight with Mercury and Venus rx, today and tonight release the idea of doing and feel yourself being.  In order to receive, we must be open and relaxed. The more relaxation you can practice this weekend the better.  Meanwhile the new moon is also a great time to cleanse and clean your space… can you clean without the stress of doing? Just be in the moment as you make your way through the process of cleansing and cleaning.

  • First set up your altar for this lunar cycle.  Your moon/dream altar can be created on any surface in your home, ideally near where you sleep or in the area that you  will most often be practicing your moon rituals.  If you don’t have a whole surface you want to dedicate as an altar, you can use a bowl to hold sacred items in a contained  space and this too can serve as your altar.  Your altar space should feel sacred to you, so let your own wisdom guide you in choosing what to include.  For example… on my Moon altar(a small table by my bedside) I have a beautiful cloth that is special to me covering the surface, on that I have placed a candle, my dream journal, a sage bundle, a deck of tarot cards, a few of my crystals and jewelry that I adorn myself in often.  Today I will clean the cloth and place each item back on my altar with intention.   Your altar can be just a couple items that are special to you or a full spread of sacred items.  Most importantly set your altar with intention and remember that your altar space is for you and therefore should reflect what you regard as sacred.
  • Create sacred space in front of your altar, calling in the playful, quick minded energy of Gemini and the receptive ways of Venus. Call on your spirit guides to support you here.
  • Sit comfortably in a quite peaceful space and breath all your awareness into your body.  Feel you spine tall and straight, breath your awareness into your spine. Just be here for a moment. Release doing, arrive in being.
  • Take more time for stillness and listening now, we will open to receive intention for this Lunar cycle. Remain seated or lay down and fully relax. Relax every muscle in the body, bring special attention to the ungrasping and relaxation of the hands, and the softening of your shoulders, releasing any expression from your face and observe all the muscles of your face relax.
  • Shift your awareness to your heart, imagine breathing in and out of your heart, all your awareness in and around your heart as you breath. Soften your heart space and seek to receive your heart’s intuitive guidance.  Pose the question to the space of your heart…. what does my heart desire? what am I longing for? what am I seeking? Listen to your heart, ignore mental chatter. You will know you are listening to your heart when the response ignites a feeling within you, something words could not describe. Take your time here, continually bringing your awareness back to your heart and asking your heart for guidance. Be open and accepting to whatever comes; remember silence is also an answer.
  • Conclude in gratitude, think of all the things you are grateful for and allow them to flood your awareness, then release the objects of your affection and remain with gratitude itself, the objects of your affection remind you that you are in fact, grateful.  Send gratitude to your spirit guides and close sacred space.


Set up a new dream altar. This will be a space where you set the intention to recieve dreams and communication including symbols, imagery, sounds, tastes, smells, words. These don’t have to be in patterns we are used to or in any prescribed patterns at all.

Your dream altar will hold space to receive your dreams and will be your dream incubation center. 

When you awake from a dream, you can write the dream and place the writing on the altar. You may want to find an object that represents a key component of the dream and place that object on your altar. Also, your dream altar is a place you can keep your dream journal during the day.

Watch this video about dreaming.

Menstruation cycle and Moon:
What phase of your inner Moon cycle are you in? What hormones are most prominent? How does this relate with outer Moon’s menstruation/bleeding phase? Remember, your cycle and Moon cycle do not need to match. Read more about the correspondences here.

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