The first new Moon of 2019 is on January 5th and this is the time for setting new intentions. Before the new Moon, practice the art of courting yourself. Plan a whole day to get lost in nature, lounge at home alone, take a long mineral salt bath, go to a spa, or watch an inspiring movie. When you are not busy doing stuff or talking to yourself about what you should be doing, your true essence can be felt and known. This is what you want to be connected with while planning your new year.

Between January 4-6, sit down in co-creation with your true essence and write your beginning plans. On one side of your journal, write out what you would like to experience. On the other, write your plan of action and a few people you are going to hire for help. Set some dates in your calendar for big events, but you don’t need a detailed plan for the whole year because at each new Moon, you can begin again wherever you are. Make sure to get a special journal for creating your hand made life.

1. Give thanks. For real. 

For every 1 thing you said yes to in the prior year, there are at least five other things you had to say no to. This led to a focused priority on accomplishments and attainments. Take a moment to honor yourself for how amazing and steadfast you were in the passing year. Reflect on the previous year:

  • Where did I excel and accomplish most in the prior year?
  • How am I already living in abundance?
  • List what is right with me as I am today:
  • What do I want to keep from last year and what am I finished with?

2. Just breathe and listen.

Sink deeply into the beauty and comforts you have already created for yourself. Notice how good it feels to stretch your ribcage as you instinctively fill your lungs with oxygen. On your exhale, notice how you empty your lungs and make space for another breath. You know without a doubt there will be air to breathe and trust that you don’t have to work so hard for it. Just like this, the things you are meant to encounter in life are there and your body instinctively knows how to find them. Practice listening to the language of your instincts, dreams and your body’s wisdom. The more you listen, the clearer this language becomes. This voice will be your inner guide in hand making your life. Like breath, the things you are done with exit and don’t need a plan for release. Learn a breathing technique. Not only does deep breathing bleed into your ability to receive and release, it is the ultimate healer of stress and body pain.

3. Generic vs. Genuine Goals.

You’ve already failed if you are making generic goals because it is likely taking you further away from what life wants to create through you, as you. Getting fit, making more money, and finding love are all worthy of your new year’s resolution, as millions of people will agree. But I have an aching suspicion that this how we attempt to live-up to unrealistic standards. At every juncture, ask for guidance and respond to what life brings. Co-creating with life in this more immediate way will reveal your genuine goals.

If you don’t know where to start with making genuine goals, take inventory of what is already there.

  • Tie up all loose ends.
  • Complete the projects you started.
  • Consciously choose to end projects that are no longer exciting or rewarding.
  • List out what you will carry into the new year.
  • Feel into your sense of longing. Is there something that you want to experience more of? State it out loud and write it down.
  • What is one thing you can do today to include this in your life?
  • If you already know your genuine goals, give thanks! Knowing is half the battle. If you have this part down, commit to them with a ceremony.

4. Focus on integration. Yes, and this too.

Rather than emphasizing what you want to quit, bring more attention to new things you are doing. Create inclusiveness in your life and create a web of loving acceptance. There may be areas of life and things about you that are uncomfortable and don’t make sense. You don’t need to fix or figuring it all out right now. As you make a conscious effort to include and accept all parts of yourself, it will be easier to accept others and the unexpected situations life brings.

  • Notice the areas of life that make you uncomfortable.
  • How is this uncomfortable material serving me?
  • What have I been trying to quit or get rid of about myself?
  • Can I include this material as part of my inner matrix?
  • Allow this part of you to add its energy to your life. Give it a job. Example: Anger is great at doing home security. Laziness is great at being in charge of the recreation committee. Include > exclude.

5. Hire help.

Whatever it is you want to experience more of in the coming year, there is a professional who has tread the path and is ready to assist you. Once you know what it is you’d like to experience, seek out the professional who does that. If you don’t know who you are looking to hire, ask your friends. Chances are, you already have a few people in mind. Making an investment in hiring a professional does three things: Holds you accountable, helps you see the value of what you are committed to doing, and gives you an expert reference point.

Approach 2019 with an attitude of appreciation for the richness of your personal life experiences and your unique talents. Ask yourself:

  • Are my new goals centered around what I believe to be valuable and good?
  • Are my new goals tapping into my uniqueness?

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Cover art by Jasmine Monet Russell


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