day 15: Kali: Nitya of Emotions

Om Kalikayai Namaha

Sun:  20 Pisces
Moon: 4 Libra, 193 degrees from Sun, Full Moon
Inner Moon: days 15-21, ovulation

Moon Vibes:

The healer, artist. Our humanity shines bright and the desire to connect with the resonate polarity is strong. Artistic and creative expressions are made manifest during full Moon phase. This is the polarity of our solar and lunar nature in orgasmic celebration and peak fertility during full Moon phase. In tantra yoga, this is the union of Moon and Sun, in and out-breath at the heart, breath pause kumbhaka. Relates with dawn and the element is earth. In the hero’s journey, this is the sacred Marriage of resonate polarities, between the archetypes of Sun/Moon. In the menstrual cycle, this phase is ovulation. The egg is released from ovary into fallopian tubes and the possibility of ferritization is greatest. Metaphysically, this is when we fertilize our creations with thought seeds and manifestation rituals have the greatest potential. The prime hormone for this phase is estrogen which stimulates luteinizing hormone which stimulates the release of the egg. This is also the peak of testosterone in the cycle so we see a lot of hormonal stimulation at full Moon phase.  The full Moon phase is about 72 hours, which also coincides closely to the time from onset of ovulation where fertilization is possible. Orgasm, ovulation, the moment of truth, polarity connection, endorphin high. Use foods that are packed with flavor, colorful, juicy and nutrient dense.

Moon in :

Moon in Libra, the most relational of the zodiac. We feel into our relationships, feeding and nurturing them in ways that feel natural and good. 90° with s.node, we feel the memory of past habits, addictions, karmic patterning. Also at 90° with n.node, doing your Moon work today is evolving your consciousness. Be deliberate in making choices that honor your connections.

Chiron, the gifts of healing your wounds. Lilith, the self-possession of owning your power. In opposition with Libra Moon, relationship can bring out the duality of wounds and power.

Nutrition suggestion:




Astrology info to consider:

Venus/Uranus changes with money, what we value and love. The artful ground we create by our attraction and pleasure is being adjusted. Uranus works like lightning and earthquakes.

Jupiter/Pluto 3° close: transformation, death/rebirth for growth and expansion. 60° aspect with Sun/Neptune, all the energy lighting up transformation issues.

Menstruation cycle and Moon:

What phase of your inner Moon cycle are you in? What hormones are most prominent? How does this relate with outer Moon’s transition between bleeding and follicular/proliferation? Remember, your cycle and Moon cycle do not need to match. Read more about the correspondences here.


When something is breathtaking, turns you all the way on or blows your mind, ask yourself, “Am I dreaming?” Do your reality checks frequently to check your state of consciousness. This will help you recognize when things are dreamlike or unrealistic which are signs you are dreaming. Example: I was having tea with a friend when the handle to my green porcelain teacup broke off. I simply put the handle back on, and though crooked, was able to continue drinking tea. This dream sign altered me that I was dreaming and I was able to get lucid. In waking life, question the subtle cues. Pay attention, be observant, notice the subtleties, and live life like it is a type of dream.

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