EarthSky Mentorship Program


Product Description

All the elements that make up the Earth and Stars are present in your physical body. Remembering how to engage with those elements is a personal and unique experience. Having a mentor for a dedicated period of time helps to solidify your relationship with the mysteries of Earth and Sky.

  • Get a monthly astrological chart review video. This will give you clues about how the planetary movements influence your life.
  • Learn how to track personal planetary initiation cycles and understand how to work with them.
  • Get my nutrition package basic guidelines for DIY detox and healthy lifestyle tips.
  • Shared digital journal space where you can ask questions and share anything.
  • Schedule monthly Skype meetings that can be used to discuss health, nutrition, dreams, meditation, relationships, yoga practices, and how to engage with Earth and Sky for optimal well-being.

If you are local to San Diego I recommend coming in for a monthly bodywork session or finding someone in your locale who resonates with you.

*The minimum time frame is 3 months, which can be purchased here. Maximum time frame is 12 months.

After 12 months, you will know how to track personal initiations cycles and relate with the Earth and Sky sufficiently on your own.

Price Breakdown:

  • Monthly astro-timings video -47
  • Monthly Skype or phone call -47
  • on-going email support -included


Other Payment Options:


Bitcoin- 3FaMMJSB82nH19LUjtfyp5hCnuvyTqPPBC



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