Kali day 3: Kulla: Nitya of Self-Reflection

Om Kullayai Namaha

Sun:  18 Gemini
Moon: 25 Capricorn, 203 degrees from Sun, Full Moon
Inner Moon: days 15-21, ovulation

Moon Vibes:

The healer, artist. Our humanity shines bright and the desire to connect with the resonate polarity is strong. Artistic and creative expressions are made manifest during full Moon phase. This is the polarity of our solar and lunar nature in orgasmic celebration and peak fertility during full Moon phase. In tantra yoga, this is the union of Moon and Sun, in and out-breath at the heart, breath pause kumbhaka. Relates with dawn and the element is earth. In the hero’s journey, this is the sacred Marriage of resonate polarities, between the archetypes of Sun/Moon. In the menstrual cycle, this phase is ovulation. The egg is released from ovary into fallopian tubes and the possibility of fertilization is greatest. Metaphysically, this is when we fertilize our creations with thought seeds and manifestation rituals have the greatest potential. The prime hormone for this phase is estrogen which stimulates luteinizing hormone which stimulates the release of the egg. This is also the peak of testosterone in the cycle so we see a lot of hormonal stimulation at full Moon phase.  The full Moon phase is about 72 hours, which also coincides closely to the time from onset of ovulation where fertilization is possible. Orgasm, ovulation, the moment of truth, polarity connection, endorphin high. Use foods that are packed with flavor, colorful, juicy and nutrient dense.



Moon in Capricorn relates with backbone, joints, hair.Capricorn is the boss, tribal elder who wants us to get right.

Foods that are building collagen, skin, hair, nails are good to eat when Moon is in Capricorn. One of the best plants I know for this is horsetail. You can get it in dried plant form and make a decoction or you can get it in tablet form. I recommend dried herb because you can taste the plant and prepare it in different ways.

Moon in Capricorn:

Moon strategically moving through Capricorn, bringing wisdom, comfort and loving discipline to the Pluto rx and Jupiter rx process today. Allow yourself to feel, be still, let Moon magic happen.


Astrology info to consider:

Mercury in shadow phase since June 2. Goes retrograde on June 17th. What has come to awareness around nurturing, psychic sensitivity, water element issues? What house is Cancer in for you, this is the area being worked during this Mercury rx cycle. Today, Mercury moving into harmonious relationship with Neptune, brings insights/understanding of Universal Love and the power of thoughts and emotions.

Neptune and Mars will be exact on June 12th in the sign of Pisces. Bringing Mars to the party is like bringing The Rock. Is he gonna be sexy and sweet or cleverly smash skulls with one hand. Sun will still be at a tight 90°angle, heating it up to boiling and illuminating self-concerns.


The Aquarian moon inspires the visionary in us, with Saturn there too we are called to define our visions of the future.  Tonight we will do some reflection on the process of this moon cycle thus far and cast our visions of our future.

  • Begin by connecting with the vast and unbound comic energy of Aquarius, create sacred space and ask your spirit guides to support you.
  • Settle into a comfortable position, sitting or laying down, close your eyes and imagine yourself under the starry night sky.  Remember a time when you sat under a starry night sky and how you felt under the vastness of the Universe.  Feel yourself in this cosmic space.
  • In your journal look over your writings over the last few weeks. As you reflect, notice what stands out to you.
    • What have you been working on this moon cycle?
    • Where are you at with the intentions you set in the beginning of this cycle?
    • What has been coming up for you around Venus material? (human love, desire, worth, value, relationships, ect.)
  • When growth is happening in us there is a need to shed our old skin.  With clarity of what is growing for you, check in with what parts of your identity need to be shed. Become clear about what you are ready to compost into fertile soil to support your growth. This step in the process is essential to your ability to more forward freely.  As soon as you decide and clarify what needs to be released, the process is set in motion.
  • Create a ritual cleansing experience to further initiate the process of shedding.  Shed your clothing one article at a time, intentionally feeling each garment symbolically as that which you are releasing falling to the ground. Either take a ritual shower/bath or a ritual smudge.
  • Take time to finish in your journal, write about you visions of your days to come. Be as idealistic as possible in envisioning your most beautiful future, no matter how radically different it may seem from your current situation, no dream in too radical now.

Conclude with gratitude.


Paying greater attention is call empathy, ability to tune in to subtle sounds, sights, temperatures. All physical senses have an etheric double. Match vibration with your environment. Anyone can train this sense awareness.


  • Throughout the day ask, “How did I get here?”
  • Practice the shamanic art of tracking, often referred to as “stalking, by tracing your steps. Example: I’m sitting in a mineral bath, relaxing. I close my eyes and retrace the events that led me here.
  • Definitely do this at the end of your day, before bed. It is a powerful practice for sharp awareness.

Watch this video about dreaming.

Menstruation cycle and Moon:
What phase of your inner Moon cycle are you in? What hormones are most prominent? How does this relate with outer Moon’s ovulation phase? Remember, your cycle and Moon cycle do not need to match. Read more about the correspondences here.

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