Embody the mysteries of Earth and Sky through experiential practices of night sky navigation and yogic alchemy on the beautiful island of Kauai.

is a life affirming retreat into nature to bridge the Celestial and Terrestrial energies within your body for natural healing of mind-body-soul.

Check in on 19th of June and check out on 25th of June 2019.

Spots are very limited!

Don’t miss out!

Anjani Siegrist

Integrative Bodywork

Erik Roth

Inspiral Nexus

Light on Water is a luxurious retreat from your usual life to get connected with the celestial and terrestrial energies in new and inspiring ways.


You will be immersed in the Ayurveda lifestyle and the abundance of nature for 6 nights (19 Jun – 25 Jun) during summer solstice on the magical and lush island of Kauai. Indulge in healthy food, live music, meeting soul friends, while learning to empower yourself with planetary wisdom and grounded lifestyle techniques that will accompany you through the rest of your life.


Light on Water integrates night sky cosmology, archetypal mythology and tantric yoga techniques to connect the patterns in nature with the patterns in our bodies to fully empower human potential with:

  • Guest teachers from the island.
  • Day trips to sacred sites.
  • Ayurveda based lifestyle and nutrition tailored to individual constitutions.
  • Yogic alchemy techniques for intimacy with your body.
  • Night sky navigation for relating to the mysteries of the sky.
  • Mythological and metaphorical storytelling for relationships with loved ones and the Universal Soul.
  • Learn your Sun/Moon angles and Venus/Mars relationship and how to create more potency in life with these archetypes.
  • Integrate the seasons in a breath cycle with tantric yoga pranayama.
  • Many more life affirming and empowerment tools!

Dates: Check in on 19th of June and check out on 25th of June 2019.


Wednesday the 19th – arrive and check in between 12-5pm

  • 6:30 – Dinner
  • 8 – Opening Circle
  • Meet and greet
  • Make sure everyone has what they need
  • Intention and Declaration setting for the week

Thursday – June 20th  (approximate daily schedule for the week)

  • 6:30 am – Ayurveda cleansing/detox techniques and hot lemon ginger honey tea.
  • 7 am various meditation practices.
  • Light snack – tea, fruits, nuts, etc.
  • 8-10 – Yoga Alchemy and breathing practice.
  • 10:30 am Brunch.
  • 11-12 free time, digestion.
  • 12-1 Karma yoga, cleaning, helping – assign tasks on the first day and explanation of karma yoga.
  • 1-4 cultural guest speaker or teacher, sacred site excursions, /astrology and relationship lecture/yoga lecture/learning. Healthy snacks available.
  • 4-530 Yoga asana, movement, or partner massage class.
  • 6 pm dinner.
  • 7-9 NIGHT SKY teachings, lectures on mythology, archetypes, astrology, how we relate to the sky and nature, etc.
  • Lights out by 10pm.

Early bird price through May 1st: 1585 USD – To reserve your spot: -185
Payments can be paid through Venmo, Check, Bitcoin, or PayPal.
Can be paid in 5 or 8 payments, must be paid in full by May 1st 2019.
Regular Retreat price after May 1st: 1685 USD

Ask about options.

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