Kali day 12: Balaka: Nitya of Self-Indulgence

Om, Balakayai Namaha

Sun:  29 Aries
Moon: 10 Pisces, 321 degrees from Sun, Balsamic
Inner Moon: transition between luteal and menstruation

Moon Vibes:

The mystic, deeply sensitive to psychic reality, energetic information, connection with disembodied energy like spirits. Ultra-creative, dream-like visionary with sharp mental acuity. Ethereal quality with little to no ego attachment. This phase relates with Samhain. In tantra yoga, this suryachara, ascending course of Sun, ascending out-breath moving upward from soft palette to third-eye. Relates with last quarter of day time and the element is air. In the hero’s journey, this is where we are sharing and offering the gifts and lessons learned. Preparation phase for the next call to adventure at new Moon.

Moon in Pisces:

Disseminating Moon in Pisces. Attuned with Moon, feeling the whole sea of consciousness. This can be overwhelming, which is part of the reason Pisces archetypes are known for escapism, needing to be in water, and crying bouts. Feel it. This phase only last 2.5 days every month and vitality important to the whole of your soul.

Astrology info to consider:

Venus/Mars in easy relationship. When we embody the message from this configuration. There’s a balanced flow between ♀️♂️ energy within. Values and actions are aligned.

Nightsky Venus in 60°sextile with eveningsky Mercury bridging our values, attraction, artistic flare (♀️) and your voice, perception, intellect and ability to communicate.

Pluto/Jupiter squared with Sun, highlighting endings and expansion.

Nutrition suggestion:



With the moon in Pisces all day and cuddling up with Neptune tonight, we feel our emotional bodies tuned in to all the subtle frequencies. Pisces is absorbent, living life as a waking dream and fully feeling through the experience of being here. Fully feeling can be overwhelming, especially in a society that has historically prioritized productivity over emotionality.  Tonight in your ritual disregard time, step away from a linear timeline and allow your awareness of being to slip into a waking dream state of timeless space.  Ever had a moment that felt like it lasted forever? That’s the feeling I get with the moon in Pisces. Take a moment to look up at the sky and fully feel the vastness of the magic it is to be here now, to feel here now.

  • Begin by calling in the dreamy nature of Pisces, creating sacred space by calling in your spirit guides to support you in your current time and space.
  • Create ritual around making your self a cup of tea with full love, as we did in last nights moon ritual.
  • Carry this sacred space to your bathroom for a ritual bath/shower.
  • Be intentional with every step of the process, do what you need first to be sure you won’t be interrupted and drawn out of you timeless dreamy space. Then set the vibe for you bath. Think about lighting, ambient sounds, and smells.
  • As you undress, allow each garment to symbolize the release of your old skin, shedding these layers to return home to your raw essence.
  • As you prepare the bath or begin the water for your shower, full connect with the element of water. With love and gratitude for feeling the water here now.
  • After your ritual bath/shower, take time to reflect in your journal, noting the dreamiest part of your day and dreaming about your most magical ideals for the future ahead.  No dream is too big, small, or beautiful; give all your dreams attention and feel the magic of living this dream life.

Conclude in gratitude.

Menstruation cycle and Moon:
What phase of your inner Moon cycle are you in? What hormones are most prominent? How does this relate with outer Moon’s transition between luteal and menstruation? Remember, your cycle and Moon cycle do not need to match. Read more about the correspondences here.


To prepare for lucid dream techniques:

  • Do your nightly routines for cleansing and closure.
  • Write the date and dream incubation if you have something you want to address in dreams.
  • Practice tracking events of your day from now backwards.

Practice three works best when your body is completely relaxed, the room is dark but you are not too tired.

  1. Rub your hands together and lightly cup them over your closed eyes.
  2. Relax your mind while holding a thread of awareness.
  3. When thoughts arise, notice but do not engage them.

Shapes and colors will start to appear behind your closed eyes. Using the thread of awareness you’re holding, engage with the images. Decide what you want to see and start shifting the images into that. My hypnagogia starts off random and blob-like then slowly turns into refined geometric shapes. I imagine seeing triangles and the images shift into triangles. Keep shifting the images until your dreaming mind steps in. This technique is called WILD, wake induced lucid dreaming. You essentially dream yourself to sleep. The more you practice, the more lucid your experience of life become. Both in dreaming and waking reality. The point of all this is to increase your awareness and mastery of your mind.

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